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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 28-08-2006

Boulder, CO, SEO4startups.comReturn Path is a Colorado based company that is currently ranked #167 in the years’s Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Thanks to the heads up provided by Brad Feld who writes the blog, Feld Thoughts. What lessons might you learn from the success of Return Path?

The first one that really jumped out at me is the fact that they use a blog to tell the world about their products and services-not a conventional web site. Obviously, they have a great product with a strong management team to be able to achieve their current success-but go over and check out their excellent blog before you build a web site!

1. They have a very clean and uncluttered layout.

2. You can subscribe to their blog by RSS or email

3. Their posts are succinct and informative

4. They use keywords in their titles and posts

5. They have a Google page rank of 7-that is very strong and clearly shows that they are getting a lot of notice and a worldwide audience is seeing their message.

Clearly, Return Path is doing a great job and is another reason you may wish to explore using a blog to get your message out and more importantly, help generate Cash Flow for your startup!

PS Brad Feld is a Colorado based Venture Capitalist and I am also Colorado based-it’s that Colorado thing going on today! 


Steve Mertz

Great Job Return Path!

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