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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 31-08-2006

SEO LuncheonAn SEO consulting client of mine was sharing his experiences with having a conventional web site for promoting his small business. He told me: ” that the website design before this one cost me $25,000 and the most recent updated site cost me $5,000.” He felt he got a heck of a deal…reminds me of President Bush: “Brownie-You’re doing a heck of a job.”  

Which brings me to our current conversation. He is putting up a blog. He has followed my progress for months and when he saw that my blog Sales Presentations Training was coming up #5 in a Google search-He was much more receptive to exploring internet marketing with a blog. He still wants to have his traditional web site but understands that blogs provide a perfect medium for search engine optimization and a high search engine placement.

Do you live in the Denver, Colorado area? If so, and you would like consulting on your search engine marketing efforts, give me a call at 303-619-8972. I offer Lunch with Steve for $100 a person with a maximum of six individuals. The two hour luncheon will give you a chance to ask your questions and discuss strategies..before you spend $25,000 for that “kickin” web site. 🙂

Steve Mertz

Let’s Do Lunch

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