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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 23-08-2006

It’s finally happened-you spent thousands of dollars on a web site and no one is visiting. Someone has convinced you that blogging may be a good choice and so you are here! Some of the best time you can spend is going to this free tool: It is the overture keyword search tool. I recommend that clients write down all the keywords and phrases that are important in their industry and in particular to their product and company. For example, when I started my blog of the first thing I did was go to overture and put in every word that I could think of. You see the results of my most important keywords on the title bar. I also have important keywords on the sidebar under “categories.” You should also be aware that more searches are incorporating phrases and not just keywords. For example, I have Google analytics on my blogs and it enables me to see the keywords and phrases that users are using in Google and other search engines. I highly recommend you utilize this free service. You can go to to sign up. It is a huge advantage for you to know what search terms your clients and prospects are using to find you. The report lags by a day but is invaluable and it shows me that some of the top keywords and phrases are: 

1. Sales Presentations Training

2. Salespresentationstraining

3. PowerPoint presentations

Make good use of this information in writing your blog and addressing the needs of your clients!

Making good use of your categories section is important for several reasons. It helps you categorize your thoughts and posts. Readers who go to your blog demand information and if your blog doesn’t live up to their expectations they will leave in short order. Search engines also love those categories that are rich keywords. Ultimately this will help you with increased web presence and a high Google page ranking. Spending some time researching your keywords and phrases will greatly help you in your search engine optimization results.

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