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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 06-08-2006

Am I a startup? For our purposes let’s go with this definition: You are a startup if you have never entered the world of blogging. Even though I had been doing public speaking and seminars since the 1980’s-when it came to blogging as a money making tool, I considered myself a startup.

There can be a step learning curve if you are going to make serious Money from your blog and climb the Google ladder. Case in point: I started my blog Sales Presentations Training in March of 2006. I had no readers, no Google page rank and some fabulous competition. Today, if you do a Google search for “sales presentations training” my blog Sales Presentations Training comes up #1. I’ll give you some specific strategies and techniques that I used to accomplish this. The take away for all of you who may be startups is this: will you come up #1 on Google by blogging or building additional static web pages? For my money-blogging wins hands down.

Let’s look at two of my competitors in sales presentations training. The first one I would direct your attention to is the fabulous Patricia Fripp-Miss Fripp currently occupies the #2 spot on Google. I know Fripp personally; she has coached me and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She is also a world class trainer with lots of real estate in the cyber world. How do I know how much real estate she occupies? This is how I found out. Go to Google and put in . You should see that the results are 110 of about 428 from Simply put, she has over 428 pages of excellent material. See how this gets easier-Am I going to crank out over 400 new pages of excellent copy or am I going to start blogging? Please do yourself a favor if you are a startup and re-read this until you understand this critical point. It will save you a lot of grief and make you a ton of money!

If you are a startup I would urge you to consider using blogging as a tool instead of making more web pages unless you already have a substantial web presence. Why should you care where you come up in a Google search? I would estimate that by being #1 on Google-it will provide me an opportunity to generate $15,000 to $20,000 a month in additional business. The operative word being opportunity-We all have to be able to deliver the goods!

Steve Mertz
Blogging for Cyber Real Estate!

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