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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 18-09-2006

I work with a lot of Professional speakers and they always want to name their blog after themselves. I believe that you should purchase your name as a domain name but look at having your blog name include keywords. Matt Cutts , works at Google and writes his own blog. This is what he had to say about keywords in URL’s:“Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the title of a post in the URL; having keywords from the post title in the URL also can help search engines judge the quality of a page.”

It may not be of major importance but if you are in the business of making money with your blog-every little advantage helps.
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Steve Mertz

Keywords are Your Friends!



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  1. […] Which brings up an interesting point for those doing their own Internet Marketing SEO efforts or for SEO firms helping clients-What are the biggest payoffs early in the game? Here is a list of things I focus on : 1. Get a blog to supplement your Internet marketing program-be sure that it is linked to your website and that your website is linked to your blog. 2. Set up your WordPress blog to automatically ping all the search engines. 3. With every blog post use your Technorati tags and tags. Those two things alone are huge and will greatly increase your traction with search engines. 4. Always use your keywords in your tags as well as your categories. 5. Give your readers an option to use RSS feeds as well as email sign ups. 6. Try to incorporate keywords in your URL. 7. Don’t only tag your keywords in Technorati and but also tag your keyword phrases. 8. Read your analytics program daily and incorporate keywords and phrases that potential customers are using to find your blog. A few of my favorites are : Site Meter, Stat Counter, Google Analytics and Crazy Egg. 9. Start an aggressive link building campaign. 10. If you have a website and it is nowhere to be found in the search engines the chances are pretty good you need a rewrite of your site. We recently did a modified rewrite for a client who had flash on his site. Less than a month later, critical web pages are showing up in Google searches. If I had to do it again-this is the very first think I would have clients focus on. […]

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