How Does Google Describe Your Business ?

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Go to Google a put your business name in their search box. Are you happy with the results? That’s just for the first page-now do this on another page of your site-still satisfied with the results?

What you are seeing is the Meta Description of your business. This is something you can and should control. You want to have a Meta Description for every page-so it accurately conveys your message. If you don’t put in this description-then Google will take a shot at it for you. Sometimes you get lucky. Eric Enge over at Stone Temple blog did not have a Meta Description but when you put in a Google search for “seo temple” the Google snippet comes up with “This will soon be the most read web site in the SEO world.” Pretty cool that Google would put this snippet together. However, you may not be as lucky so if you have not done it-take the time to have a great and compelling Meta Description for every page of your website or blog!

Steve Mertz
Write a Compelling Description!

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The Pricing Algorithm for SEO for Startups

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My pricing algorithm for on site SEO services can make Google’s algorithm look simple. In fact, some clients have accused my SEO pricing of being a little capricious. Some SEO clients don’t want their competitors to know they have engaged a Search Optimization firm and they never talk to their competitors. However, there are some clients who do talk to their competitors and they have the audacity to actually talk price-How much did you pay for your on site SEO services? This is when our firm can get in a little public relations tizzy-so allow me to attempt to clarify the complexity of our pricing algorithm. Following are the states and countries where we have worked and have clients. For pricing purposes let’s assume the on site sessions were effective December 1, 2006:

Hawaii-Including Kona & Maui-$2,500
New Hampshire-$3,500
New Jersey-$3,500
New Mexico-$2,500
New York-$3,500
North Carolina-$2,500
North Dakota-$3,500
Rode Island-$3,500
South Carolina-$2,500
South Dakota-$3,500
Texas-$2,500…Texas in August-$4,000
Washington, DC-$3,500

Just like Google updates its Algorithm, so do we-Around April 1st when the snow is starting to melt (and it quits raining) and the sun comes out again-our algorithm prices adjust accordingly. I hope this serves to clear up any confusion about pricing our SEO services in your area!

Steve Mertz
This Pricing Stuff is Complex 🙂

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Search Engine Marketing in Denver

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I will admit it-I do Google searches for my site to see where I rank in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. After all, a perspective client may ask : If you are so good at SEO why can’t I find you in the first 100 pages of a Google search? Could happen! Well, just for the record, SEO for Startups does show up #5 in a Google search for Denver SEO. However, as I was poking around doing a search for Search Engine Marketing I came upon an interesting site. This site was touting how you business owners in Denver, Colorado could dominate your category with their proven Top search engine placement techniques!! How could I say no-So, I clicked on the site to get more information and see not only are they the best Search Engine Optimization firm in Denver but they also offer residential and commercial construction, home improvement, landscaping and more!! Damn, that really gives me a feeling of confidence 😉

Steve Mertz
We only do SEO!

The SEO Primer for Startups!

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All good startups have common characteristics. You need visibility, buzz around your product and a lot of money. Preferably, money from friends and family who don’t want an equity stake in your company-you can pay them back at your leisure…Dream on!

We can help you with two out of three of your basic needs. Let’s start with creating visibility and buzz around your product. Before you spend a ton of money on a web site with flash, that Google will never find, consider going the route of the blog for the following reasons:

1. No one goes to your current web site

2. You have much more time than money

3. I lost that expensive business card you gave me with your contact info.

4. I don’t remember your company name-don’t be too clever with your name. Try to have a name that includes what you do and use keywords in your name.-Unless you are Guy Kawasaki, check that, he recently changed his blog name.

5. Learn the power of using keywords in all your documents and web sites or blogs.

6. You have no customers…while you are worrying about no prospects for immediate cash flow you might as well blog.

7. VC’s are not calling you…You don’t want to give up that much of the company anyway.

8. Search engines will never find all your good keywords and content because you have flash as your very first page!

9. Your marketing director writes fabulous copy-with not one keyword to be found.

10. Your business focus has expanded since you built your web site and you don’t have any money to pay your web designer to update your site.

11. You have new, influential endorsements of your product and don’t know how to update your web site.

12. You discover that your product has international demand but potential clients in Boulder can’t find your site much less those in Hong Kong.

13. While you are waiting for that angel investor to return your phone call you could be writing a post to your blog.

14. Brad Feld has reviewed your Executive Summary you sent him and properly filed it…he’s not going to call you, ditto for David Cohen, so write another post in your blog.

15. The snappy video email you sent to Miss/Mr Big did not make it past the spam filters-You now realize the beauty of your blogs RSS feed! Your information actually goes through and does not use the email system!

16. The “White Paper” that you wrote on your product will not only establish you as an authority, but happens to be loaded with keywords. You don’t know how to upload it to your web site so you are going to send a mass email and hope the spam filters don’t catch it. On the other hand-that same white paper can be a post in your blog and be seen around the world!

17. Your brother is calling and wondering when you are going to be able to pay back that money he leant you-Remember, you had the next Google. Write about this humorous experience in your blog!

18. You are constantly worrying about lack of funding, you can’t sleep at night-Until you do a Google search for your site. After the first 110 pages you are sleeping like a baby……zzzzzz

We can help you with great Search Engine Optimization techniques-Google will find your site! Whether you need a completely new web site design or a great blog optimized for search engines-We can help the search engines find you. We are also very unique in the fact that not only can we help you get in the top of Google searches but we also have world class presentation coaches that can help you hone your sales presentations skills so that when you do present to Sequoia Capital you will have a memorable and persuassive presentation.

Steve Mertz
Startups Have an SEO Friend!

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Denver SEO Events

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Search Engine Optimization will be hosting two upcoming SEO strategy luncheons. The next session will be November 25, Saturday, at the Ulster Street Starbucks. The meeting will start at 9AM and go for an hour and a half. The meeting cost is $100 per person-Payable in advance.

The second SEO session will be December 5th, 1PM at Wellshire Restaurant, 3333 S. Colorado Blvd. This is a luncheon. The meeting cost is $100 per person plus you buy your own lunch.

The sessions will be limited to six participants and hand outs will be provided for you as well as some time for your individual questions. The sessions are ideal for those looking to learn SEO techniques and web design for optimum search engine friendly design. Blogs and Internet Marketing will also be covered and I think you will find that you can implement these strategies immediately! Please call me at 303-619-8972 for reservations.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization Meetings

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Google, Yahoo and MSN Agree on One Thing

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The big three have agreed that there will be a standard protocol for submitting web pages to their crawlers via site maps. I’ve been begging Knox to get a site map on this blog so I hope he reads this!

I have no problems putting a Google site map on any of my blogs but there are those who don’t want a Google site map watching there very move. SEO Blackhat once had a post about the effectiveness of a Google site map Vs making your own. I believe they came to the conclusion that building your own was better but I could not find their post-Sorry! Regardless, every SEO person would tell you to have some form of site map-so do something!

The standard protocol was announced at PubCon in Las Vegas and just read the love between these three:

 Official Yahoo Blog: “By offering an open standard for web sites, webmasters can use a single format to create a catalog of their site URLs and to notify changes to the major search engines. This should make is easier for web sites to provide search engines with content and metadata.”

Official MSN Blog:  “So, why are we excited to work on this? Because by agreeing on a standard, we can provide site owners with one simple way to share information with every search engine. You just publish a sitemap, and every engine is instantly able to read and use the data to more effectively index your site. Since this is a free, widely supported protocol, our hope is that this will foster an even broader community of developers building support for it.”

Official Google Blog: “If any website owners, tool writers, or webserver developers haven’t gotten around to implementing Sitemaps yet, thinking this was just a crazy Google experiment, we hope this joint announcement shows that the industry is heading in this direction.”

The only thing sweeter than this is for everyone who bought Google at $220 a share and watched it cross $500 large today!

Thanks: SearchRank

Steve Mertz
Sitemap Love!

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How Do I Become #1 in Google-Start with MSN

Filed Under (Google Search, MSN, Yahoo) by Steve Mertz on 18-11-2006

I talk to many clients that tell me “Doing a Google search for their site does put them to sleep.” Believe me, I can empathize with all of you who have told me this. Here’s some good news…Start searching for yourself in MSN. If history is any indicator this blog, will first show up in MSN then Yahoo and finally Google.

Sure enough, I did a search in MSN today for “Denver Search Engine Optimization” and this blog is #2. Nothing to brag about but hey, we all need these little victories! I will continue to post frequently, bring you information that you can use and continue to build links. It won’t be too long before we break into the Google search!

Steve Mertz
Don’t be discouraged!

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Denver SEO Events

Filed Under (Google Search, Search Engine Optimization) by Steve Mertz on 17-11-2006

Denver SEOSearch Engine Optimization for Startups will be hosting two SEO strategy sessions next week in Denver, Colorado. The first SEO luncheon will be November 21, 2006 at 1PM at The Cool River Restaurant-Located in the Denver Tech Center. The luncheon meeting will be limited to six participants and the cost of the meeting is $100 per person, payable in advance, plus your lunch. The meeting will last for 1 and a half hours.

We will cover the following items:

1. Search Engine Optimization using web site design and blogs.

2. Defining your keywords and keyword density for optimal search results.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Strategies.

The second meeting will be Saturday morning, November 25th, at 9AM at the Ulster street Starbucks. The address is 8000 E. Belleview Avenue, Greenwood Village, Colorado. The meeting will also last for 1 and a half hours and the cost will be $100 per person, paid in advance. This SEO meeting will also be limited to six individuals. We will cover the same topics.

We now have the capabilities for search engine friendly web design in addition to proven search engine optimization strategies. Currently, my blog Sales Presentations Training ranks #1 in Google search. We also have several other clients who rank in the top 5 Google searches for their categories. You will find both sessions to be informative, informal and loaded with SEO strategies that you can incorporate immediately to have your web site or blog rank in the top Google searches. For reservations please call Steve Mertz at 303-619-8972
I have a seperate page of Denver SEO Luncheon Schedules.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization Meetings

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Search Engines Hate Frames-Quit Testing Me!

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Another speaker with a very unfriendly search engine site…This time a web site design with frames! And you thought those had gone out of style! Your True Nature has a page rank of 5 on the first page-pretty darn good! Problem is his other pages have not been spider-ed because of the frames. With a little make over this site will probably go to a page rank of six and garner more traffic and most importantly-More Cash Flow!!

You may have been able to slip the frames by me but Knox is on the case and will work magic on this site. So quit testing me with these ugly sites that are hated by search engines 😉 Come on Denver, test me with your ugly web sites that search engines hate and Google will never be able to find-We can fix it!

Steve Mertz
Blogs are Much Friendlier!
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Flash Pages Still Suck!

Filed Under (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) by Steve Mertz on 14-11-2006

Back in October I commented on an article posted over at SEOmoz Blog. The post was about splash pages and Oatmeal made a few specific comments : Search engines will spider the splash page instead of the real content. Search engines won’t be able to spider beyond the splash page. How about that-Fast forward to late October and a new search engine optimization client of mine here in Denver, Colorado.

Yes, he is a professional speaker with a pretty good sized web site. On the first page is that splash page! His first page has somehow managed to get a Google page rank of 4 but none of his other pages have any page rank at all-the spiders aren’t getting past that first page! His other pages have valuable content and are loaded with great keywords-all for naught! If you have a web site that has some similar characteristics-You may have the same issue as my client! Now you know who to call in Denver to correct the problem!

Steve Mertz
Splash Pages Kill Spiders!

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