Intel and Search Engine Optimization

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 02-11-2006

intel.jpgDo you remember when Intel was the #1 chip maker in the world? Most major manufactures wanted to have “Intel Inside” displayed on their computers and electronic devices.

Intel was the King Kong of chip manufacturers. As Intel was strutting down the red carpet of corporate success…another chip maker was lurking in the background. Advance Micro Devices had been plugging away, making chips that were in fact faster and more powerful than the mighty Intel. Most end users of electronic products don’t really care or appreciate the goings on in the background until the envelope really gets pushed and they need every little advantage they can get. A great coder is kind of like the AMD chip…for the most part they get no love, no real appreciation until a web site or blog owner sees the light! This recently happened to me and I’m proud to say that we have added the resources of a great coder to our team.

I see a lot of startups and small business owners spend way too much money on a web site or blog. Some even go so far as to put flash on their site. The search engines can’t get past the first page to see the other 99 pages of great keywords and captivating copy 🙂 I am not a coder, and never will be but I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know. So, before you go spending any more of your limited budget-consider all your options. What I do understand is search engine optimization and practice what I preach. My site, Sales Presentations Training is currently #! In a Google search for the term “sales presentations training”.

We are unique in the search engine optimization industry in the fact that not only can we help you in your SEO efforts but we can also provide you with the finest sales presentation skills-A very handy tool for startups who are seeking venture capital or angel funding! I had this epiphany when I attended the Colorado Capital conference sponsored by the Rockies Venture Club. I observed eight startups giving presentations to venture capitalists and angel investors…For the most part it was not pretty! I saw a lot of great ideas hidden behind PowerPoint overkill and poor presentation skills. Being a curious sort, I then went to their web sites and blogs. For the most part, nary a keyword or search engine optimization effort could be found!

In my former life I’ve had to present to Venture Capitalists and I’ve had web sites that Google would never find in my lifetime! To that end, I’ve added the additional resources and expertise to help your company not only give a fabulous presentation but also be found by the search engines!

We can also help you with financial arrangements. We have clients that we work with on a reduced fee in exchange for a percentage of future profits or if you are the next Google, stock options could be considered 🙂 Please feel free to contact us with your ideas. My email address is smertz at or call me on my cell at 303-619-8972.

Steve Mertz
Are You The Next AMD

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