Search Engines Hate Frames-Quit Testing Me!

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 15-11-2006

Another speaker with a very unfriendly search engine site…This time a web site design with frames! And you thought those had gone out of style! Your True Nature has a page rank of 5 on the first page-pretty darn good! Problem is his other pages have not been spider-ed because of the frames. With a little make over this site will probably go to a page rank of six and garner more traffic and most importantly-More Cash Flow!!

You may have been able to slip the frames by me but Knox is on the case and will work magic on this site. So quit testing me with these ugly sites that are hated by search engines 😉 Come on Denver, test me with your ugly web sites that search engines hate and Google will never be able to find-We can fix it!

Steve Mertz
Blogs are Much Friendlier!
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  1. Thanks for the great tip knox! We all need Link Love!

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