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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 28-11-2006

I will admit it-I do Google searches for my site to see where I rank in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. After all, a perspective client may ask : If you are so good at SEO why can’t I find you in the first 100 pages of a Google search? Could happen! Well, just for the record, SEO for Startups does show up #5 in a Google search for Denver SEO. However, as I was poking around doing a search for Search Engine Marketing I came upon an interesting site. This site was touting how you business owners in Denver, Colorado could dominate your category with their proven Top search engine placement techniques!! How could I say no-So, I clicked on the site to get more information and see not only are they the best Search Engine Optimization firm in Denver but they also offer residential and commercial construction, home improvement, landscaping and more!! Damn, that really gives me a feeling of confidence 😉

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