The SEO Primer for Startups!

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 21-11-2006

All good startups have common characteristics. You need visibility, buzz around your product and a lot of money. Preferably, money from friends and family who don’t want an equity stake in your company-you can pay them back at your leisure…Dream on!

We can help you with two out of three of your basic needs. Let’s start with creating visibility and buzz around your product. Before you spend a ton of money on a web site with flash, that Google will never find, consider going the route of the blog for the following reasons:

1. No one goes to your current web site

2. You have much more time than money

3. I lost that expensive business card you gave me with your contact info.

4. I don’t remember your company name-don’t be too clever with your name. Try to have a name that includes what you do and use keywords in your name.-Unless you are Guy Kawasaki, check that, he recently changed his blog name.

5. Learn the power of using keywords in all your documents and web sites or blogs.

6. You have no customers…while you are worrying about no prospects for immediate cash flow you might as well blog.

7. VC’s are not calling you…You don’t want to give up that much of the company anyway.

8. Search engines will never find all your good keywords and content because you have flash as your very first page!

9. Your marketing director writes fabulous copy-with not one keyword to be found.

10. Your business focus has expanded since you built your web site and you don’t have any money to pay your web designer to update your site.

11. You have new, influential endorsements of your product and don’t know how to update your web site.

12. You discover that your product has international demand but potential clients in Boulder can’t find your site much less those in Hong Kong.

13. While you are waiting for that angel investor to return your phone call you could be writing a post to your blog.

14. Brad Feld has reviewed your Executive Summary you sent him and properly filed it…he’s not going to call you, ditto for David Cohen, so write another post in your blog.

15. The snappy video email you sent to Miss/Mr Big did not make it past the spam filters-You now realize the beauty of your blogs RSS feed! Your information actually goes through and does not use the email system!

16. The “White Paper” that you wrote on your product will not only establish you as an authority, but happens to be loaded with keywords. You don’t know how to upload it to your web site so you are going to send a mass email and hope the spam filters don’t catch it. On the other hand-that same white paper can be a post in your blog and be seen around the world!

17. Your brother is calling and wondering when you are going to be able to pay back that money he leant you-Remember, you had the next Google. Write about this humorous experience in your blog!

18. You are constantly worrying about lack of funding, you can’t sleep at night-Until you do a Google search for your site. After the first 110 pages you are sleeping like a baby……zzzzzz

We can help you with great Search Engine Optimization techniques-Google will find your site! Whether you need a completely new web site design or a great blog optimized for search engines-We can help the search engines find you. We are also very unique in the fact that not only can we help you get in the top of Google searches but we also have world class presentation coaches that can help you hone your sales presentations skills so that when you do present to Sequoia Capital you will have a memorable and persuassive presentation.

Steve Mertz
Startups Have an SEO Friend!

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