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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 29-12-2006

Denver SEOMaybe I’m lucky that my Website Search Engine Optimization firm is located in Denver Colorado. Up here you can see for miles and your mind is not as cluttered. I always liked the way that Rand over at SEOmoz defined SEO :

“optimization involves researching the right terms to target, modifying the site to be search-engine friendly and marketing/promotion of the site to improve popularity.”

To me that is right on the money and crystal clear thinking about what is SEO! Being a bottom line sort of guy I would also have to add that great SEO is about adding substantial cash flow to your clients bottom line as a direct result of your SEO efforts!

Money from SEOWhy else would clients hire us if there were not some sort of measurable results? What got me thinking about this was a website that someone told me about. This firm is offering SEO services…but here’s what caught my eye-they only offer to optimize your website by helping you out with keywords and keyword density. What if my site needed to have a complete rewrite because the current code and maybe that snappy flash page is preventing search engines from spidering my entire site? Too bad-but I would have all the right keywords 🙂 Now you start to see why SEO can get a bad name. Todd, over at Stuntdubl has an article I just saw called Top 16 Reasons People Hate SEOs! In my humble opinion I can’t imagine how you can have an effective search engine optimization program without looking at the code on the site-But if you can show me the errors of my ways please do comment!

SEO ResearchAll of this SEO talk has my head spinning! And since we are snowed in again in Denver-I think it’s time to relax and read this classic by Kelley Killoren Bensimon : The Bikini Book. I might pick up some great SEO tips to share with our Denver Colorado clients in the new year. Here’s wishing you and yours the most prosperous of years for 2007!

Steve Mertz
Happy New Year

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