SEO Review Leadership made Simple

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Hopefully by now our readers are starting to get an appreciation of what good search engine optimization can do to help you in your online marketing efforts. You have seen us mention more than once in our reviews that “this site is poised to improve in desired search terms-if the site can be opened up! 

You have also seen “the javascript menu also prohibits deep crawling to the internal pages of the site. This problem can be circumvented by using a site-map and adding footer navigation to the orphaned pages.” Huh???? I know, it can be a little overwhelming so let’s look at a real example. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-Ruby Speaks

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Like other website we’ve reviewed this week, is poised to improve in desired search terms – if the site can be opened up. This is the site of my friend Ruby Newell-Legner. Ruby truly is a “rock star” in the customer service arena and we would love to see her in the top three of a Google search for “customer service training”…Here is the path we would recommend! Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-Tips Booklets

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Paulette Ensign is the owner of the next site we are reviewing today called Tips BookletsThis site has great potential! Credit is owed to those who put forth the effort to build good content and back links, and that effort was rewarded by Google giving it a PR5 on the home page.

This site is already placed on the first page of Google for ‘small business promotion’ and other like terms – and that’s out of over 40 million! Well done Paulette! Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Analysis Shreveport Convention

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Teresa SEO AnalysisTeresa Allen is a member of National Speakers Association and owner of the site we are reviewing today, Shreveport Convention. The site is an ambitious effort to be the meeting planner’s one stop! Teresa currently uses Yahoo and Google pay per click advertising programs. Her goal is to get more organic growth from this site and have it show up high in the search engines.

Let’s first look at the title bar where we see: Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-Profitable Transformations Network

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Ian SEO ReviewAs a result of the teleseminar I did last week for SpeakerNet News-here is the first SEO analysis for Profitable Transformations Network. These website analyses will be done randomly at the rate of one a day until we get through all of them. This site is the creation of Ian Percy, my Arizona National Speakers Association buddy! Since spiders typically start at the top of the page and go left to right-I thought we might follow the same path for our SEO analysis. We start with the title bar of : “Profitable Transformations Network official site of leading business consultants on leadership.” I like that the word leadership is included because it is a great keyword-not so sure about “official site of” check your best keywords and phrases using Overture. Read the rest of this entry »

Denver SEO Luncheons for the week of 1/15/07

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SEO DenverWe have two SEO luncheons scheduled this week in Denver, Colorado. The first is Tuesday January 16th, 1PM at Ristorante Piatte, which is located at 190 St. Paul Street in cherry creek North. This is a great central location for our SEO luncheons and they have wireless Internet access to boot!

The second luncheon will be Thursday, January 18th, 1PM at Wellshire Restaurant, 3333 S. Colorado Blvd. The cost is $100 per person and we will meet for approximately an hour and a half.

Depending on what your most pressing needs and questions are-we will tailor the SEO luncheon to address them. Our firm does build search engine friendly web sites and we also do a lot of work on website rebuilds. Clients who have spent a lot of money on a good looking site that Google will never find are not very happy when I tell them they need to have a redo to make their site search engine friendly! So, before you spend any money on building a website come to our luncheon to find out the ten critical questions you want to ask your web site designer. There are many website builders out there but very few also employ Search Engine Optimization techniques to websites.

Call me at 303-619-8972 or send me an email to register for these SEO luncheons.

Steve Mertz
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Denver SEO Guest Speaker

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I will be the guest speaker for SpeakerNet News Teleseminars on January 16th at 7:00pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific) The length is 60 minutes and the cost is $25. I have been asked to speak on Getting Your Web Site to the Top of the Search Engines. I’m honored to be the guest expert for SpeakerNet News and as regular readers know one of my favorite tools for cracking the top 10 of a Google search is blogs! I learned a ton about search engine optimization while taking Sales Presentations Training to the number 1 spot for a Google search. While I love blogs and appreciate the power they have with search engines-I will also be covering a fair amount of SEO techniques for web sites.

I’ve come to really appreciate great web site design and how it all starts with the code and making your web site search engine friendly. One of the topics that I’ve been asked to cover is How to determine if your web site designer has any ideas about SEO! We’ve all seen great looking sites that will never be found by Google! This will be a topic that every one should consider before hiring any web designer. Some of the other areas I will discuss include identifying the categories you want to dominate, Keyword and keyword phrase usage, tools for monitoring your sites results and the all important call to action!

I hope you can listen in but for those of you who have conflicts you can order my SEO talk on CD or MP3 if you prefer. If you have any great suggestions on topics that absolutely should be covered please comment or shoot me an email.

Steve Mertz
SpeakerNet News Speaker

Denver SEO Luncheons for January

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Internet MarketingHappy New Year! It’s time to start the Search Engine Optimization luncheons again. The complete Denver SEO luncheon schedule for January is now ready. We are still meeting for an hour and a half and are adding a few topics that readers have suggested :

1. How to determine if your web designer has any ideas about SEO.

2. How do you determine what categories you must dominate.

3. The best tools for cracking into the top 10 of a Google search for your category.

4. How your pages can be optimized to put more money in your pocket.

5. What tools you need to monitor your results.

A handout will be provided and we look forward to meeting you at our informative and relaxed luncheons!

Steve Mertz
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