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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 24-01-2007

Teresa SEO AnalysisTeresa Allen is a member of National Speakers Association and owner of the site we are reviewing today, Shreveport Convention. The site is an ambitious effort to be the meeting planner’s one stop! Teresa currently uses Yahoo and Google pay per click advertising programs. Her goal is to get more organic growth from this site and have it show up high in the search engines.

Let’s first look at the title bar where we see: The Meeting Planner’s One Stop Shop. I would not repeat your domain name-find keywords that will help you with the search engines. I would also look at the meeting planners one stop shop-there are better keywords for you to use because you repeat this phrase at the top of your page. Refer to Overture and Word Tracker for help with keywords.

For this site I can’t over emphasize the importance of each page having its own unique title, description and keywords. For example, when we click on “Meeting Facilities” remove the URL from the title bar and put in some killer keywords in addition to Meeting Facilities. Remember, this space is really for search engines so use it to your maximum advantage! Currently, this page has a title and keyword description that are the same as every other page. There is no meta description at all. Adding a compelling meta description will help potential clients to click through to your site. See this resource: Write a Compelling Meta Description for Potential Clients.

Your pages appear to contain about 100-250 words. To help search engines better understand your page, you may want to consider having 300 words of original content per page to help your search engine efforts. You have indicated to me that your web designers are aware that they need to make the menu items more search engine friendly so we won’t beat that horse! They will probably incorporate layouts that will be controlled by CSS-it’s tech stuff folks!

When I do a keyword search-these are your top keywords: Shreveport, Bossier, Convention, Meeting and Coupons. I’m sure it would serve you well to add Louisiana into the mix!

Teresa, when I checked your inbound links there were only four. Like Ian, it’s time for a massive link building campaign. I’m assuming that everyone on your site is an advertiser so they may not be your best link candidates…unless you offered them a little discount for linking to you? I would look to other sites in other states that are similar to yours and link with them. This effort alone will greatly enhance your stature with the search engines.

Teresa, may I also suggest you add alt tags to your pictures that employ keywords and maybe some geography such as Louisiana. Also, when someone clicks on a page-say Speakers and Entertainers as an example, beef up your description of your speaking services and be very cognizant of using keywords.

I think your site has a lot of potential and with the above mentioned changes will greatly increase its chances of showing up more frequently in the search engines! Best wishes on this ambitious project!

Steve Mertz
SEO Speaker

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