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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 31-01-2007

Hopefully by now our readers are starting to get an appreciation of what good search engine optimization can do to help you in your online marketing efforts. You have seen us mention more than once in our reviews that “this site is poised to improve in desired search terms-if the site can be opened up! 

You have also seen “the javascript menu also prohibits deep crawling to the internal pages of the site. This problem can be circumvented by using a site-map and adding footer navigation to the orphaned pages.” Huh???? I know, it can be a little overwhelming so let’s look at a real example.

The site is Enlightened Leadership Solutions. My Denver Starbucks buddy, Ed Oakley, is the owner of this site. The website contains a tremendous amount of content and had flash on the first page which was prohibiting the spiders from exploring the entire site. The giveaway was this: his first page had a page rank of 4-all subsequent pages had a page rank of 0. The search engines were not doing justice to this site! If you look at the home page of Enlightened Leadership and scroll all the way to the bottom you will see an example of footer navigation. You see “Leadership Home” etc…this has allowed the site to open up and let the spiders find all that great content. About 6 weeks after this was done Ed’s site started showing up in different categories. And last week we found many pages in the site with a page rank of 3-the spiders have found his site!

Let’s take a closer look at a category he features called “Talent Selection.”  This page now has a page rank of 3 and if you do a Google search for talent selection, Ed’s site is ranking #10! So far, so good-but let’s dig deeper. It’s not enough to get traffic and start ranking-we want conversions and the all important Cash Flow!! This page does not have its own unique meta description-having one will increase the chances of potential buyers clicking through. The title bar has a few keywords which is a start in the right direction! You may recall we suggested using this format for including more keywords and letting the reader break up your material. Ed has started to incorporate this on the page. You will also notice that he has also incorporated the all important “call to action.” You really are doing a disservice to your online marketing efforts if you don’t include that call to action frequently!! We have recently added analytics on the page so Ed can measure the response, or not, to this page and it’s information-we all know this has to be tweaked periodically, right? As you can see, once the code is cleaned up-there still remains a lot of work to be done-page by page!

We hope that this overview gives you something to look forward to and hopefully clears up some terms and techno babble! We will review another site tomorrow as we continue on the Search engine optimization journey.

Steve Mertz
SEO is a Journey

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