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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 23-01-2007

Ian SEO ReviewAs a result of the teleseminar I did last week for SpeakerNet News-here is the first SEO analysis for Profitable Transformations Network. These website analyses will be done randomly at the rate of one a day until we get through all of them. This site is the creation of Ian Percy, my Arizona National Speakers Association buddy! Since spiders typically start at the top of the page and go left to right-I thought we might follow the same path for our SEO analysis. We start with the title bar of : “Profitable Transformations Network official site of leading business consultants on leadership.” I like that the word leadership is included because it is a great keyword-not so sure about “official site of” check your best keywords and phrases using Overture.

Next look at the top right where we see Home, Contact Us etc…those look like they are text links, which are good for your SEO efforts, but in this case those are actually images. They don’t help your SEO efforts and they take longer to load up-they should be cleaned up. For example, instead of saying “Our Experts” how about “Leadership Change Experts.”

Let’s take care of the techie stuff before we move on. If you do a “view source” in Internet explorer you see an unbelievable amount of code-line after line talking about Layer 1, Layer 2, Style, etc…this should all be on an external CSS file for it will greatly increase the ability of the spiders to search the site and at a much faster speed (the css file is loaded only once and cached in the browser – as is it’s parsing that code on every page load). All that code does nothing to help your SEO efforts.

One more piece of techie talk: Every page should have its own unique meta title, description and keywords. Make them specific to what that page is emphasizing! See these related articles on Write a compelling Meta Description, and How Does Google Describe Your Business.

Enough of the techie talk. Thanks to my brilliant propeller head, Knox, for this great input! Let’s look at the use of keywords and keyword density on the home page. When I ran an analysis these are the top keywords:

transformation-company-can-growth-theres. What I would recommend is go back and tweak all this information for the search engines. We must write for our audience and the search engines! You could also easily add Title Tags for additional keywords and to break up the copy for your reader.

Here is an example of optimizing your site with H1, H2 and H3 tags! Near the top of Ian’s page where his picture is-if you roll your mouse over it you see “Ian Percy” Goggle does not care… How about Ian Percy-“Transformational Leadership Expert” !! Ditto for all the other images that don’t have alt tags.

You have many pages that aren’t getting indexed by Google – the pages that are getting indexed are the ones at the bottom of your site-that’s just a matter of having your propeller head clean expand the footer navigation, for the other links are invisible.

Good use of your physical address at the bottom of your home page!!

You can go through this process on each page and it will dramatically help your SEO efforts-Remember, it is called page rank, so be sure and optimize each and every page. Lastly, you need to start an aggressive link building campaign. You can put up a resource page and start linking with other sites on leadership, change management. etc. This site has great potential and I would also urge you to consider adding a blog to compliment your website efforts! Thanks for being our first volunteer Ian!!

Steve Mertz
SEO Analysis

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  1. Steve:

    Great analysis of Ian’s site. I don’t see a pic of him on his site. Could that be browser related? I’ve looked in Safari and Firefox. Or are you referring to the one of him in front of an audience?

    Rebecca Morgan

  2. Thanks Rebecca. I am referring to Ian standing in front of the audience and the subsequent pictures you see on the right hand side-a great opportunity to include keywords! I might also note that the same is true on “the experts” page. All those smiling faces with no keywords!!

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