Great Domain Names Waiting for SEO

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I received an email last night from a professional speaker who has many great domain names parked over at Go Daddy. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that somehow this is going to help you in your efforts to generate more business-so let’s look a little closer at what we recommend to our clients. Google likes to see a domain name that is hosted with content before the “aging” process begins. You are hurting yourself by not getting your domain name hosted and including some information. Read the rest of this entry »

Search Optimization and Web Based Advertising

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Anne Field has a great article in The New York Times today called “The Magic Is in the Tweaking.” She gives very good insights to the trials and tribulations of all small business owners-Entrepreneurs Discover Success Requires a Little Reinvention! Every successful small business owner knows this to be an absolute law! One of the companies she profiles is a Salt Lake City based company called AdvancedMD. Like many business owners their philosophy was build it and they will come…Actually, their philosophy was: “All we have to do is let doctors see our product and they’re going to want to switch.” Read the rest of this entry »

Google AdWords are The Only Way to Go!

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Michelle SEO ReviewDo you believe this quote: “The only way to prosper now is to pay for ads on Google and Yahoo.” “What happened with the Internet is that it almost turned on itself, with everybody and his brother having an Internet site.” This is what a small business owner recently told Michelle Slatalla, who has a column in the New York Times called Online Shopper. The gentleman’s argument was that if a potential consumer went and did a Google search for “vacuum”, 74,700,000 indexed pages came up for that term-therefore, you must pay to play according to him…I totally disagree. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-The Customer Focus

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Shep SEO ReviewToday we’re reviewing This is the site of my NSA buddy, Shep Hyken. Shep isĀ an expert in the customer service training area. Like Ruby, he too is a “Rock Star” in this space and should be in the top three of a Google search!

This site is a little different than the prior reviews where navigation and metadata were the main concerns. This site has elements working for and against it, and this article is to cover some possibilities to increase its’ search engine presence. Read the rest of this entry »