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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 15-02-2007

Michelle SEO ReviewDo you believe this quote: “The only way to prosper now is to pay for ads on Google and Yahoo.” “What happened with the Internet is that it almost turned on itself, with everybody and his brother having an Internet site.” This is what a small business owner recently told Michelle Slatalla, who has a column in the New York Times called Online Shopper. The gentleman’s argument was that if a potential consumer went and did a Google search for “vacuum”, 74,700,000 indexed pages came up for that term-therefore, you must pay to play according to him…I totally disagree. I’ve looked at the competition in that category and if I were a betting man I’d say a small business could crack the first page of a Google search in six months! Initially, that search does seem overwhelming with all of the indexed pages but think about this-“Vacuum Denver”, “Vacuum San Diego” etc. The power of local and geographic search can be your best friend.

I was at the National Speakers Association winter conference last week and a successful website owner shared with us that Google had sent him a refrigerator for a Christmas present because he was spending several thousands of dollars a month on Google AdWords. I do have a small conflict of interest since I did purchase Google at $220 a share and it is currently selling for north of $450 a share. I appreciate all of you who buy AdWords but the essence of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is organic growth of your website, done so well that your site will come up in the top three of search engine result pages. Here is an example for your consideration: if you do a Google search for “SEO” you see 115,000,000 indexed pages and guess what-most of these folks are SEO experts and the competition is brutal!! Matter of fact you will not find SEO for Startups on the first page…yet. However, if you do a Google search for “SEO Denver” or “Denver SEO” you see I am in the top three. The lesson is take baby steps and focus on secondary keywords that may not be as competitive as vacuum or SEO-it works, we are busy and profitable by adapting this strategy. Here’s another cool example from my blogging buddies over at Pronet Advertising. If you do a Google search for “BMW 3 series coupe”, BMW of North America does not even come up in the top three-a blog comes up before them! You can rank at the top and beat companies with huge advertising budgets by employing good SEO techniques. Good luck and best wishes to all you entrepreneurs who are small business owners trying to make a good living with online marketing-You can do it! Thanks for the great article Michelle!

Steve Mertz
SEO lives on in Denver

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