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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 22-02-2007

Anne Field has a great article in The New York Times today called “The Magic Is in the Tweaking.” She gives very good insights to the trials and tribulations of all small business owners-Entrepreneurs Discover Success Requires a Little Reinvention! Every successful small business owner knows this to be an absolute law! One of the companies she profiles is a Salt Lake City based company called AdvancedMD. Like many business owners their philosophy was build it and they will come…Actually, their philosophy was: “All we have to do is let doctors see our product and they’re going to want to switch.”This according to Jim Pack, the company’s CEO. As a result of that philosophy sales representatives spent most of their time cold calling and making door-to -door sales visits, with little success. Pack determined that a complete sales overhaul was needed. As long as doctors were satisfied with their software, they weren’t likely to change. They determined that the only way to make a sale was to find offices that were looking for something else. Pack pulled the plug on cold-calling and started putting more effort into Search Optimization and Web based advertising. Leads soon jumped to 600 a month from 40!

What’s more, with fewer fact-to-face sales calls, he was able to cut costs in half. Three years later, the company has 120 employees and revenue has soared. Kudos to Jim Pack and AdvancedMD!

SEO efforts may be a viable solution to your business needs as well. The great things about search optimization efforts are they can be implemented very quickly, measured and tweaked! To find out if our SEO efforts might be a match for your business give us a call or drop us an email.

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