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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 08-03-2007

Professional SpeakerThis weekend I’m going to my monthly meeting for professional speakers and one of the presenters is talking about writing great copy for marketing material. She will be discussing writing great copy that engages your audience and meeting planners so you can be hired and not starve as a professional speaker! This of course, got me to thinking about keywords and search engine optimization. As a professional speaker I can tell you that my peers are some of the worst offenders for having web sites, blogs and marketing material with no regard to keywords and search engine optimization-for all of my competitors, please don’t change!

To prove this I am going to share with you an old “one sheet” of mine. This is marketing material that is typically sent out to meeting planners and others who may hire professional speakers. My main topic at the time was financial possibilities and retirement planning. You can pretty much read this entire one sheet and not see any keywords or search engine optimization techniques!! You can now understand why I became an expert on Search Engine Optimization-no one could find my web site. Professional speakers are not the only guilty parties but I’m picking on them today. A well written one sheet that is optimized for keywords should have a good page rank and more importantly, should rank well for search engine result pages when potential clients do a Google search. If you are a professional speaker and don’t want to tackle an entire rewrite of your web site-I would focus on optimizing your one sheet. The effort could make you a lot of money!

If you have a web site, blog or marketing material, take a glance at it and see if you could brush up on your SEO techniques. If you need help on your search engine optimization efforts, give us a call. If you are having a conference and wanting to help your franchisees or association members learn great search engine optimization techniques-we can help!

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