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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 10-04-2007

Google has a helpful article over at Conversion University titled  Five Objectives of website Copy. A special thanks to Knox for pointing out this great resource. The crux of the article is: “Informative text is reassuring to visitors and it gives search engines something to crawl.” Amen! The guy below refused to listen to our SEO Genius! No ConversionsWe have been doing quite a lot of website rewrites. The websites are large and the code that the web designers used is often not conducive for search engines to crawl. Once that problem is solved and the spiders can crawl the site-we have to look at that god awful copy that is on the next 150 pages of the website! By far, the biggest mistake we see is a website that is full of “brochure material”-the information is not sincere and does not reflect the genuine you.  Let me highlight the main points of the article and you can read the details for yourself:

1. Establish your points of difference.
2. Satisfy their need to know.
3. Teach.
4. Increase your visibility.
5. Learn what is interesting to your visitors.

We can provide the SEO to drive traffic to the site but the goal is still converting visitors into cash flow!!

Steve Mertz
Let the Conversions Begin!

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