Keywords-The New Cost for News Sites

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 30-04-2007

Emily Steel of the Wall Street Journal has an interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled Keywords: a Growing Cost for News Sites.  If you are a small business owner engaged in E-Commerce, it might pay for you to learn some of these lessons. Big news organizations like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and CNN spend big money bidding on Google AdWords for top keywords in the news. For example, on the day of the Virginia Tech shootings words such as Virginia Tech jumped as high as $5 for Google AdWords. The hope of the news organizations was that that phrase would be on the first page of a Google search and you the reader would click on their site. As you can imagine, this could cost them a boat load of money-but what can we learn from these big news organizations?

Look at your current home page of your web site-when Google sends its spiders out to your home page do your keywords stand out? Do you draw attention to them by using H1 and maybe H2 tags? Do you have relevant and unique copy  that includes these keywords phrases? This is probably one of the easiest and most cost effective measures you can take to increase traffic to your site-you know the other step you need to take right… building! That’s another post another day!

Take a look at your web site and if you find that you were able to build an entire home page without one keyword-don’t feel like the lone ranger. We can do on page SEO for you! The beauty of a blog is it’s much harder to screw things up. The title bar begs you to put key words into it. The post area screams for you to include keywords and keyword phrases-if you web sites were this friendly 😉  Read the article and learn the power of keywords in your web site and blogs.

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