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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 03-05-2007

SEO QueenMany of our clients have discovered and become addicted to that little green bar on the Google toolbar-the page rank. Kalena has some very good advice when it comes to the toolbar: just ignore it, or better still, switch it off. First we tell you it is one measure of your site’s popularity and now we tell you to ignore it! Here’s why, it is not up to date, it can have glitches and most importantly-it has nothing to do with your web site making you money.

Instead, as Kalena points out, focus on your keywords and where you are coming up in search results. Focus on keywords and your call to action for your visitors. If you have great content and a strong call to action-you will substantially increase your chances for more sales! Good Luck.

Steve Mertz
SEO Speaker


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  1. Thanks Knox, I will admit to looking at “The Green Bar” just for my own ego but as you point out it’s much more important to show up in the SERP’s and converting customers!

  2. […] Larry’s blog still has a page rank of 0-We have had this chat before about obsessing about Google page rank. While you can ignore it-you do need to use it as one measure of your real estate blogs success. […]

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