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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 06-06-2007

What would your #1 SEO tip be for getting your client on the first page of a Google search? According to an article in Entrepreneur by Jon Rognerud it would be writing articles about your business and submitting them to free article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles and buzzle. His argument is writing articles is one of the fastest and most effective means of escaping “Google sandbox hell.” You know about Google and the infamous sandbox right? For example, I have this fantasy about being an intermediary between very rich people and their hiring a private jet charter to take them to the Hampton’s for the weekend. In this example my website under the category of private jet charter would come up in the first three positions for the search-pretty sweet! Since my website is so new to the category of private jet charter, Google has not indexed it and consequently it would take a strong SEO effort of six months to make any meaningful headway in the category of air charters, private jet charter services and other searches. All of this is unfortunately true-so let’s check on Jons strategy of writing articles.

I put in the term private jet rental into Google and alas, my mythical website was not in the top five! Private jet charter is also a vey important phrase to include. But interestingly enough in the number seven position was an ezinearticle article titled Private Jet Ownership vs. Rental written by Jonathan Blocker. The article is only 453 words and is well written and informative. Near the end of the article he mentions air charters, charter flights and jet charter services-notice that these are pretty sweet keywords! He does not blatantly refer to a company name such as SEO 4 Statrups. That would be so gauche! However, when you get curious and click on the phrases you go to the website of Luxury Air Jets. This appears to be relative new website for private jet charter services and an effective way for them to get some traction in this very competitive category. Let me also mention that they have been doing that essential link building as well. Eric Ward has a timely article on Linking Mistakes to Avoid. Randfish over at SEOmoz also has excellent advice on link building.

So far, I would say that Jon Rognerud has given entrepreneurs some very good search engine optimization advice, wouldn’t you agree? I would add one thing that my SEO firm always looks at and that would be the actual coding of the website. If you go to the website of Luxury Air Jets and do a “view source” you will see what I mean. The code could be cleaned up quite a bit and I would add some H1, H2 and H3 headlines. This is the boring stuff but absolutely essential in a very competitive heading like private jet rental-you need all the help you can get to occupy those first three categories. What do you think-what would your #1 SEO tip be for occupying the first page of a Google search?

Steve Mertz
SEO and Private Jet Rental


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  1. Good tactic but once you’ve written the article, why restrict your publication to generic article sites? Why not submit your articles to topic specific sites as well?

  2. Thanks for coming by-Your advice is very good and hopefully readers will take their efforts to the next level! Steve

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  5. Submitting articles to specific pages are key. Dave has a point though, topic specific sites are even better.

  6. Thank you for sharing – this is an awesome article!

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  8. Hi Steve,

    Interesting article. I was actually looking to sell my domain (small private jets #1 on Google) (Which makes me want to say that SEO starts with a good domain name, or makes it easier). Do you agree with me?

    The reason I found you is that I own two private jet related domains, and, both receiving good search engine traffic and the private jet company has actually received real validated leads (I was able to sell the leads) But, where to go to sell these domains? You any idea? While I learned some more SEO here, for which my thanks, I still would like to know where to find the end users for these domains… Anyone?

  9. Interesting, there is always Ebay but assuming that category gets serious traffic I might be inclined to contact those folks who are buying AdWords to see their interest. Let me know what happens!

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