Best Keywords for New Site

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-07-2007

A recent visitor to my site found it by doing a Google search for: “best keywords for new site.” I applaud the forward thinking of this visitor. While I’m not sure whether their intentions are to find great keywords for search marketing and pay per click campaigns or they have seen entire web sites built with no keywords to be found!

Here are a few of my most popular articles on search marketing and keywords for your resources. Is your web site search engine friendly reviews the importance of keywords in your domain name as well as the title bar. The No. 1 Tip for first page of Google talks about using keywords in articles and having them published with links back to your new web site-this is a very effective and quick way for the search engines to find and index your site-be sure they recognize your site for the keywords that will bring you the most revenue from your online marketing efforts! Another reader favorite was an article called Google AdWords are The Only Way to Go! One last tip I’d offer is this: after you have your site up, coded correctly, great keywords and great content-sign up for Google AdSense on your web site. If you are trying to rank for Internet Marketing Speakers and all your Google ads are talking about Motivational Speakers in Denver Colorado…you may want to go back to the drawing board 🙂

Good luck on your internet marketing efforts!

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