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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 12-07-2007

I’ll be categorized as an Internet marketing speaker – not a search engine optimization speaker. This was the gist of a conversation that took place with a Speakers bureau this morning. She told me that most seo speakers either go into Internet marketing or Ecommerce – how could I argue with that? By the way, don’t even think of asking about search engine marketing speaker or blogging speaker – it’s not going to happen – unless Danny Sullivan wanted one of those categories added!

This reminds me of when the Australian SEO Goddess, Kalena, was discussing web site strategy or website strategy – great read and speedy recovery Kalena!! As I told the bureau this morning most people don’t say we want you to speak on search – they say something like: Our members need help making money on the Internet – Google can’t find their sites 😉

Steve Mertz
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