Is Your Web Site Search Engine Friendly?

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 09-07-2007

Search engine optimization experts often find many things to disagree about-sometimes it seems there is little common ground! Here is one thing that we all agree on-For your web site to end up on the first page of a Google search it must have unique and authoritative content. We have discussed the importance of having great keywords on your title bar and how it is the first thing search engines normally read. The meta description is also a powerful tool to help you with search engines and potential customers as well. If you don’t know what all that means-that’s OK, just be sure you hire someone that does.

Here’s a great tip than even a non technical person can appreciate-In an Internet explorer go to your website and go to “page” and “view source”. Don’t be intimidated if nothing makes sense. All you have to know is this-the sooner you start reading English the better your site is written. If the first one hundred lines have a lot of talk about contentless style code, javascript etc….your website is not well written and Google is definitely not seeing unique and authoritative content. Chances are your site will never see the first page of a Google search!

So, imagine my surprise when I came across a site today that had all that trash in its code and a message that read: “now we write our variables into the cookie, except this time we are converting…blah, blah, blah This site is pretty much condemned to Google hell and will probably never see a search engine. Look under the hood of your site and see just how friendly your site is for the search engines 😉 That my friends, is just about as technical as you need to get. Good Luck

Steve Mertz
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