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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 08-07-2007

We have been offering optimized press releases and posts for selected clients. A press release that is optimized for the search engines is one of the most effective and quickest ways for a business to generate traffic to a website. If your website is nowhere to be found in a Google search and you are spending thousands of dollars a month on pay per click-then yes, we are talking to you! We have talked about the struggle of getting out of the Google Sandbox and having your site actually show up on the first page through search engine optimization techniques.

Here are proven techniques for the search engines to find and come back to your website. The title of the post or press release is short, descriptive and includes key words-no keywords and you have defeated your purpose! Once we have a keyword rich title for you we move to the main copy. Your message has to be informative and inviting or no potential customers will read and act on your message. It also must be written for three very important potential clients: Google, Yahoo and MSN. Without writing for those search engines your website will remain unvisited! Don’t worry, writing for the search engines is one of my strengths-I do have clients on the first page of Goggle searches.

Once your message is optimized for potential clients and the search engines: it’s critical to have great links to your site-that means the text is keyword rich-not “click here” for more information. Now it’s time for the money shot-someone actually clicks through to your website. If you don’t have a killer landing page you will not get any conversions-the whole purpose of all this time, money and effort! We can consult with you on optimizing your landing page or we can build you one.

An optimized press release starts at $395.00-if you want immediate traffic to your website drop us an email!


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