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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 17-09-2007

I first joined the ranks of internet marketing when I decided to sell my custom crutches online. It was about seven years ago and I was able to have a website built for me that Google was never able to find! Fortunately, I found the best coder in Colorado and my website for selling crutches is consistently on the first page of Google searches. I also use Internet marketing for my speaking engagements. I use to have a website for booking my speaking engagements but now use this blog exclusively. In other words for me, I like to sell specific items or services on the Internet.

There are others in the Internet marketing arena who sell ideas and other information on the Internet. When meeting planners are considering hiring me for speaking engagements I always ask them their specific goals for the meeting because if they are looking for someone to talk about general internet marketing concepts-I am not the best choice. I need to know what products or services their audiences want to market on the Internet and then I can zero in on their specific needs. The great thing about marketing online is the fact that there is room for all of regardless of what we are selling.

Steve Mertz
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