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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 07-11-2007

brian o'malley motivational speakerBrian O’malley is a professional speaker and an expert on corporate team building. He honed his team building skills while attempting to summit Mt. Everest. Brian is a master at encouraging teams to take risks while building confidence and purpose for corporations. His team building message comes from not only his ascent of Mt. Everest but from world wide adventures. Audiences find this professional speaker to be inspirational and motivational while bringing concrete steps for ultimate team performance.

Brian’s Team Building Events Cover:

  • Developing rapport and motivation within teams
  • Fostering effective communication
  • Discovering new ways of strategizing and solving challenges
  • Bringing hidden problems & agendas out into the open
  • Hilighting individual differences and strengths
  • Adaptation to change within the corporation
  • Strengthening teamwork and creativity
  • Understanding experiential learning

Building a corporate culture around risk taking and trust in other team members is critical in today’s competitive business environment. Brain O’malley has the unique ability to inspire and motivate corporate teams to unparalleled achievements.


10 Responses to “Team Building Speaker”

  1. Steve,

    GREAT job tonight! Loved all the content on Search Engine Optimization.


    Michael Johnson

  2. Thanks Michael-It was great to share ideas with such a receptive audience!

  3. Steve Mertz,
    Your SEO presentation was great!

    It was our largest attendance yet and they were all there to hear you what you had to say. It was a huge benefit for all who attended.

    Everyone I talked with was wowed at your information. I know I walked away understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how it can build my business.

    Thanks again and put me on your long list of big fans,

    Brian OMalley

  4. Thanks Brian and thanks for letting us learn from your website. I think folks came away with a better understanding that good SEO is made up of many factors. It was great speaking with everyone last night. We apprecaite you putting all your time and efforts into the meetings 🙂

  5. Steve:

    Phenomenal content Wednesday evening. You really know your stuff and, just as important, you know how to communicate it effectively.

    Thanks for sharing your time,

    Bob Wendover

  6. Thanks Bob, we covered a lot of seo topics in a short time-thanks for the input.

  7. […] Back on November 7th I wrote a post about my speaker buddy, Brian O’Malley. The title was Team Building Speaker. The post was short and mentioned team building speaker a few different times to support the title […]

  8. Yes Steve, I was at the meeting on November 7 as you shared all the great information with us on blogging and titles. It’s been just 3 short weeks and not only did I learn a lot at that meeting, I’m also now implementing ideas from that meeting. That’s when the fun really has begun for me! Thanks so much for your great support

  9. Hi Judy,
    Thanks so much for all of your kind words! I’m sure that your blog will be a raging success.

  10. […] 4. If your site is not on the first 1,000 pages of a Google search…and you fall asleep looking for your site-consider having an SEO firm or a friend write a blog post linking to several pages of your website. Don’t waste a link to your home page-have them link to deeper pages in your site. This lets the spiders find all those pages that previously were undiscovered. Source: Team Building Speaker. […]

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