SEO and Professional Speakers

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 13-12-2007

The first assignment I give to a client is to identify the top three categories they want to dominate. Surprisingly, this proves to be quite a challenge for many. Whether you are an inspirational speaker or selling dog grooming trailers you must know where your potential clients might search for you. Specifically, what word or phrase might a potential customer put into Google to find you and your fabulous services?

Some of the categories should come to mind immediately. If you find yourself struggling, brain storm with associates. If nothing still comes to mind it may be an issue that you are not clear about what you offer and what makes you distinctly different-a must have!

Marketing on the web is a different beast and you must clarify what category you want to show up on the first page of a Google search. The second biggest mistake I see from new online marketers is to take their traditional marketing brochure and stick it on a website or blog-it won’t work!! Your potential clients will not wade through all that verbiage touting how long you have been around-they want answers to their problems quickly.

I’ll talk about writing for the web in a subsequent post-in the meantime what three categories do you want to dominate?


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  1. Thanks Chris, moving a marketing campaign online is a unique challenge-making your online marketing efforts successful is the real challenge! I am constantly amazed at the proliferation of SEO experts 🙂

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