Search Engine Wars

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 04-02-2008

I only use Google for my searches and since 90% of my clients find my site and products using Google-I feel like I’m in good company! Do you really care that Yahoo could never beat Google? I don’t really care that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo in a feeble attempt to crush Google in the search wars. Andy Beal is struck by Google attempting to argue that the merger would create a dangerous monopoly. LOL

While it’s nice that Microsoft has an extra $45 billion hanging around I don’t think their plan will work. Our friends at Google still get 20,000 resumes a week and the cache of working at Google is subsiding somewhat. Many of the best and the brightest prefer smaller firms where they can have more of an immediate impact-smaller firms like Facebook.

When was the last time you heard a newly minted engineering student brag about going to a great small, innovative firm called Microsoft? Google’s stock has been taken to the wood shed but its search remains dominant! Let the search wars begin!


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  1. Let them merge, putting to losers together when it comes to search does not make a winner. They will both likely be so distracted for a while that Googles market share will go up further just because of that.

    Love your Blog Skin, it is very classy

  2. Thanks Knox and Thanks James-the Knox did the blog skin. I agree about putting two losers together, kind of reminds me of AOL and Time Warner-they sure kicked butt lol

  3. I agree with Knox about MSN. I have always been confused about Yahoo’s search results and this would leave only 2 good ones (MSN and Google – Good with MSN only means better than Yahoo in this case).

    Ask’s interface I don’t care for as there is far too much paid results at the top and bottom, but, I think that there needs to be three to keep things competitile. Google seems to return the best results for everything I am looking for and that’s what it really should be about – returning the best results.

    Also, good point about AOL and Time Warner. There is nothing to say that a combination of these 2 would be any better.

  4. Thanks for coming by Ryan. Back in the day, I made a lot of money on Yahoo stock, when they were an innovator!

  5. Timing is everything 🙂

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