How to Implement a Blog/SEO Myths are Alive and Well

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 17-04-2008

Business Blogs and SEO are two of the hottest terms around these days. A day doesn’t go by and I read or hear about a newly minted SEO expert 😉 I’ve been seeing more searches for the phrase “How to implement a Blog on your Website.” So, being a dutiful servant of the reading public-I began to do some research. There are some “experts” who would offer you the following advice:

The main reasons for having your blog as part of your actual domain is that a blog on your domain can attract links to other areas of your site, increase visibility, improve publicity efforts, build trust, and raise your search rankings. Do you think this is the best SEO advice you’ve read this year?

Well, I decided to look closer-starting with The Three Best SEO’s in the Land. Strangely, all three of them: Rand, Jim Boykin and Knox appear not to have gotten the memo-the all have stand alone blogs with their own domain name! Here are a few other world renown SEO experts you may want to check out: Lee Oden, Andy Beal, Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts.

This list could go on but suffice to say-we have laid another SEO Myth to rest! Here’s to your continued success in business blogging and hitting the first page of a Google search!

Steve Mertz
Blogging Consultant


2 Responses to “How to Implement a Blog/SEO Myths are Alive and Well”

  1. James and Knox, Ditto for me. It takes a little more effort and money but if I can have 40% of the first page in a Google search-that’s 40% my competitors don’t have 🙂

  2. Steve,

    I can’t tell you how much your advice has meant to the traffic on my blog and my website. Thanks.

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