10 Free Things to Optimize Your Blog or Website for SEO

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 12-05-2008

nsa coloradoOn Friday I had the pleasure of sharing SEO tips with the National Speakers Association-Colorado Chapter. If you ever want to have a chance to show up on the first page of a Google search-remember this cardinal rule: Google rewards you for unique and authoritative content! Here are the website optimization tips I shared:

1. Have your best keywords on your title bar: SEO Speaker
Article Reference: For your web site to end up on the first page of a Google search it must have unique and authoritative content. We have discussed the importance of having great keywords on your title bar and how it is the first thing search engines normally read. The meta description is also a powerful tool to help you with search engines and potential customers as well. Read the entire article: Is your website search engine friendly?

2. For Websites make that keyword a headline (H1) on your website. Support that headline with unique and authoritative content.

3. Give each page in your website or blog post it’s own unique “meta description.” A meta description is simply an honest and true English sentence describing what the web page is about. For example: “Scott Friedman is a motivational humorist who gets audiences laughing while opening their minds to new ideas.”

4. If your site is not on the first 1,000 pages of a Google search…and you fall asleep looking for your site-consider having an SEO firm or a friend write a blog post linking to several pages of your website. Don’t waste a link to your home page-have them link to deeper pages in your site. This lets the spiders find all those pages that previously were undiscovered. Source: Team Building Speaker.

5. Consider link building with authoritative and relevant sites. For example: Steve Mertz and Sarah Michel are both professional speakers and members of the National Speakers Association. I may link to her as: Networking Speaker and she may link to me as: SEO Speaker. Please not that the anchor text you use for linking contains key words that you want to be found for when your potential client does a Google search!

6. Visit blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise and Comment on the blog post. Be absolutely positive that your comments are relevant and insightful to the post. This allows you to have a link back to your site-a great way for new sites and blogs to get traction in searches.

7. Set up a profile on My Space and Squidoo. These are authoritative sites that allow you to have a one way link back to your website or blog-very desirable in the search engine wars.

8. Have a unique title, with keywords for every page of your website. The title bar is the first thing search engines read so be sure that your best keywords are there and be positive that each page has relevant copy to support those keywords.

9. Navigation on your website must be spiderable: i.e. text links. Move your cursor over your menu items and they should show up at the bottom of your web page if they are spiderable.

10. Consider putting Google AdSense on your website for a short period of time-Why? Google will send spiders to crawl your site and thus, your site will be indexed. Does Google recognize your topic? If your site is about motivational humorist and Google puts ads on your site for blue widgets-you need to go back to the drawing board 😉


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  3. Steve – Great tips. Your blog post came up on my Google alert for the National Speakers Association. I guess the operative word to keep in mind is ‘spiderable.’

  4. Hi Jeff, Thanks for coming by! There are a lot of great sites with serious content that the spiders can’t crawl. Best wishes, Steve

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