Website Strategy Speaker

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If you put the term website strategy into Google sets you get some great results such as:

search engine optimization, website design, seo, internet marketing services and more. As a small business owner these are all very relevant Read the rest of this entry »

Watch Winders Succeed Without Proper SEO

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If you are spending $10,000 or more on a mechanical watch-chances are good you will also be purchasing a watch winder to keep that beauty wound when you are not wearing it. One of the leading manufacturers of automatic watch winders is a company called Orbita. While they have some of the most gorgeous watch winders-they have very interesting SEO efforts for these premium winders. Case in point-their home page is a world map with the infamous “please click your region.” Read the rest of this entry »

Denver SEOs Should Focus on Conversions?

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Eric Enge of Ramblings About SEO had an article back in April talking about SEOs Should Focus on Conversions.

Eric is one of my favorite reads and I always enjoy his point of view. He mentions the usual suspects that SEO firms might report to clinets including:
Technical SEO changes made
New links obtained
Rankings reports etc…

All things clients like to hear but at the end of the day he argues that:

What matters most to clients is increasing their conversions (e.g. sign-ups, leads, contact me requests, or e-commerce transactions). It should also be what matters most to you.

Eric, you are right on the money! An SEO firm can work it’s tail off for a client-including getting them on the first page of a Google search-but they will always say “show me the money”. As I mentioned yesterday when talking about the firm selling automatic watch winders; they show up well in searches but their site is not very user friendly! Other firms are just not offering quality or unique goods and services but guess who is going to get blamed if they don’t get conversions?

I think Eric is right about focusing on conversions but I’d add one more thing: pick your clients very carefully. Will they listen to all of your advice-SEO and Marketing?
Are you passionate about their product or service? For me personally, I have to believe in the product or service in order to produce maximum results for a clients online success!