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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 25-06-2008

If you put the term website strategy into Google sets you get some great results such as:

search engine optimization, website design, seo, internet marketing services and more. As a small business owner these are all very relevant to your internet marketing success. The truth is search engine optimization is essential to your online success but a client recently asked me: “What does SEO mean?” She asked this as we were discussing her website strategy. Website strategies must address website architecture issues, good coding, unique and relevant content on the website-all the components of great SEO.

The more I speak and consult on SEO strategies-the more customers come to believe that this is under their website strategy.Being a believer in the customer is always right-this is fine with me.

If you need a website strategy speaker that will address good SEO practices without all the techno talk-I am happy to take on the challenge. More associations are helping their members bring their marketing efforts online and an airtight website strategy will help increase their internet marketing success!

Steve Mertz
What is Your Website Strategy


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