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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 06-08-2008

I gave Google Insights a test run this morning-impressive! Let’s look at a specific example. I put the phrase professional speakers into Google insights search. It gives you a graphic representation of the search volume for the phrase professional speakers since 2004.

It then lets you know the regional interest for the term professional speakers-Canada, United states, Australia, India and United Kingdom are the top regions searching for professional speakers.

It then gives you search terms related to professional speakers which include: professional speaker, professional speakers association, Canadian professional speakers and professional speakers bureau.

I then like what Google insights does for additional information. It shows you the rising searches as it pertains to professional speakers. These include:  speakers bureau, public speakers, professional speaking, professional speakers bureau and professional public speakers.

Google provides some great information for marketers and those who need to know these phrases for their clients-good job Google!


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  1. Nice post Steve. I will have to check that out. By the way, anyone you can recommend for some SEO consulting (basically set me back on the right track sort of thing, with a little bit of competitor analysis associated with it). I know Knox says he does not do real estate SEO and there are so many out there that really are not worth a persons time.


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