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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 19-08-2008

I will have the pleasure of speaking at National Speakers Association/New England Chapter. The date will be Saturday September 13, 2008. You do not have to be a member of NSA/New England to attend the meeting.

We will be covering blogs, website strategies and SEO. Many speakers are realizing the importance of bringing their marketing material online. Readers of this blog know that my weapon of choice is a blog. Writing for the web is much different that putting out conventional marketing material and we will cover this in depth.

If you are going to be in the area let me know and hopefully we can meet up. Looking forward to being in Boston soon.

Steve Mertz
Blogging Speaker


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  1. Steve,
    Your session today was everything I expected, and more! Thanks for sharing your in depth knowledge.

    – Pamela Campagna, Business Management Consultant

  2. Steve, It was a pleasure to be in your audience today at NSA in Boston. I learned so much in one day, about SEO and leveraging blogs that I now have my work cut out to overhaul my website and get the highest ranking in my category. Thank you for sharing your vast SEO knowledge and optimization with our group of professional speakers.

  3. Steve, I was just at your presentation in Boston! Wow! I got so many strategies and so excited about them I had to try them out right away. They are in my blog You mentioned making your blog a domain name. I’m not sure how to do that, but I did use many strategies that you recommended in the post I just published. Thanks!

  4. Hi Pam Wayne and Susan! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind comments. It was great to meet you you all and share some ideas with you. I had a great time-thanks for your hospitality.

  5. Steve, I was blown away by your NSA/Boston workshop on SEO, blogging, and social networking. I think I finally got it: I now understand the power of SEO. We mere mortals can raise our ranking in Google, as long as we follow the advice of SEO Expert, Steve Mertz! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You’re a lively, entertaining speaker to boot. Any organization would be lucky to have you as a speaker. Good luck!
    Rosemary Brutico

  6. Rosemary, thanks so much! It was a pleasure speaking to such a receptive audience. Thanks again for all the hospitality.

  7. My stock has risen in New England due to the fact that I suggested Steve Mertz as a speaker for NSA New England speakers association. Go Blogs (go Bucks) – looking forward in more guidance from Steve to help my business grow.

  8. Thanks for bringing me out Dennis. You have a great chapter and they were great to work with! Thanks for everything. Steve

  9. Thanks Steve for your time, your tips and your expertise. I love when I can immediately go home and implement ideas. And you offered that. My Propeller Head is off to you!

  10. Thanks Rich, Great to see you again without the face plant 😉

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