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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-04-2009

We continue to add to our SEO offerings. Our forte continues to be working with small business owners who are primarily migrating from a heavy emphasis on Yellow Page advertising; and now looking to have a successful Internet presence. We have the capabilities to build you a new website that is SEO friendly as well as tweak your current site with the latest SEO efforts.

There are many rumors and misconceptions about what is involved in SEO. From the perspective of this Denver SEO Firm-we believe these are the basics of good SEO.

  • Having good code that the spiders can actually read and get all the way through
    Having good site  architecture that makes sense to the search engines and your potential clients
    Employing great content that is unique, authoritative and useful to customers
    Incorporating a blog into your Internet marketing efforts-my specialty
    Using social media effectively to drive traffic to your main websites
  • The list can go on for good SEO techniques and practices but this is a good starting point! If you live in Denver, Colorado and have questions about SEO or Internet marketing efforts; please feel free to call or email me for a complimentary analysis.

Check out our Denver SEO Firm video over at YouTube to learn more about our SEO services. PS you will note that the video was shot in a very informal atmosphere-we are more concerned with results than putting on airs 🙂

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