SEO Speaker at Day Care

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 06-08-2009

Day care centers have not exactly been on the radar for this SEO Speaker but there is always a first! I met with some day care center owners in the Denver area last week. Child care centers have certainly changed, in many ways. One of the owners had done a fair amount of research on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO) and it was great to share ideas and strategies with him. He knew that the site structure of his site was not conducive for the spiders and the site’s code-was horrible at best.

I was surprised to learn the costs of sending kids to these early development centers and the intense competition amongst the owners to get on the first page of a Google search! We are recoding their site, using a WordPress format and including a blog. We will also use social media to drive additional traffic to their site.

It was a pleasure sharing SEO strategies with this group of day care owners and I look forward employing our website strategies to help them. Call me if you need a SEO speaker for your group.
Steve Mertz

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