Denver Tree Service

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 21-12-2010

A client asked me about using Dex Knows for his Internet marketing efforts. He wants to show up in the category for Denver Tree Service. Back in the day, all he had to do was to buy the biggest ad in the Dex Yellow Pages and he could make a very good living…times have changed.

I always believe that when anyone tells you how they can help you  in Internet marketing; you should check them out. So, I put in the search phrase Denver Tree Service and found Dex Knows on page 5. I don’t know many people that will go to page 5 when they are looking for a tree service in Denver. Furthermore, if you do click on their listing for Denver Tree Service you simply see a lot of listings that make it difficult to make informed decisions.  If Dex was really a search engine powerhouse shouldn’t they be on page 1? Just food for thought when you are making those budget decisions for Internet Marketing.

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