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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 14-12-2010

The complaints keep rolling in about Google’s search links and the fact that their links are above those of non-Google sites in the results page. Search results are definitely skewed these days-sometimes it’s hard to figure out whats going on. For example if you do  a search for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado you see the place page ads for attorneys and under you see the top ten searches for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado. Life is good so far.

However, if you do a search for Denver auto accident lawyers you get dramatically different results. The entire first page is consumed with 7 place page ads-there are four organic searches on page one.  So much for all those SEO efforts!  It’s interesting to note that the search results will vary by the time of the day as well….

Google responds to its critics:

their goal is to provide users “with answers as quickly as possible and presented in a way that’s easy to read and understand.”

Sure…. Google’s new money maker program presents new challenges but in the end if customers aren’t satisfied with Google searches they will go elsewhere-to be continued 🙂

The search engine wars continue!


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