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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 04-01-2011

This week I had an attorney ask me about domain names and how they might effect his SEO efforts. Specifically, the domain name he wanted was taken but he was considering using a domain name that had a number in the domain name. The traditional wisdom used to be not to use a number in the domain name; I have experimented with it and found it not to be detrimental to SEO efforts. Consider the following search phrase for Los Angeles Automobile Accident Lawyers. Do you think this might be a competitive heading for lawyers in Los Angeles?

As I was going through the category here is an interesting domain name I found:

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | Car Accident Attorney California
Hurt? (800) 232-7070 FREE LEGAL ADVICE. Acclaimed Personal Injury Lawyer & Car Accident Attorney. No Win = No Fee. 30 yrs exp, 98.4% Success, … – Cached – Similar

How about that domain name-not only does it have a number in it but they have a hyphen in there for good measure. They are also on page 2 for the phrase Los Angeles Automobile Accident Lawyers! Not bad!!

It looks based on the evidence, that numbers and dashes in your domain name won’t hurt your SEO efforts to shoot for the first page of a Google search. There are a couple of other interesting things about this site worth mentioning. They make good use of using relevant keywords in their title bar.  On the home page there aren’t any H1 or H2 tags, or meta descriptions….

Under the areas of practice, and specifically, car accidents, they do use H2 tags and the All in One SEO pack. This is a great tool for your SEO efforts. Another very good thing for this site is the fact that their domain name has been hosted since 2004, in Google’s eyes this is now a trusted domain name. They also appear to have done a good job on inbound links-very important to any good SEO campaign.

Interestingly enough on the Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles page they have a section called Links, generally a red flag in Google’s eyes. Under that heading of links are some of my favorites such as, Charleston car Accident Lawyer. Does this remind you of a good old fashioned link farm? This might not be considered best practices when it comes to link building  today but this one is under the radar 😉

So, use numbers and dashes in your domain name just be sure that you focus on all the other areas that will increase your chances for showing up on the first page of a Google search for Los Angeles Automobile Accident Lawyers….


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