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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 23-02-2011

I came across a timely blog post called How to Test your Organic Ranking Objectively. This is something that comes up frequently so please read the article and I’ll give you a capsule summary of it here as well.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you want to rank #1 in a Google search for the phrase Denver Dentists. You go to your computer, put in the phrase and you show up #1 in the Google organic search results….but are you absolutely sure? Here is something to ponder-you visit your own website several times in the day or week and Google records this. It does this to give you more relevant search results because Google ranks sites higher that you’ve visited more often. I go to my computer and put in the phrase Denver Dentists and don’t find your site until page 4 or 5, why the disparity? Your search results are biased and you are not seeing your true ranking the way your potential clients may see.

The post points out that the simplest way to get true results is to sign out of Google or turn off Google search history personalization. By doing this you should  see unbiased search results and hopefully you still come up #1 in Google searches for Denver Dentists!

Let me mention another thing that causes a great deal of confusion in Google searches. You can have three different computers and people doing the same search and come up with different results; this is because depending on what Google data center you pull from, you may get different search results. The main Google data center is at my house, so I’m always number one in my searches 😉

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