Is Your Domain Name Catering to the Yellow Pages

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 16-04-2012

Last week I was driving in my hometown of Denver and noticed a van in front of me. It proudly displayed it’s company name of BOAAAA! That’s all it said, do you have any idea what this company is or what service it might be offering? Me neither!

If you are a small business owner trying to climb to page one of the Google searches-take a hard look at your current domain name. Does your domain name have any keyword rich phrases, does it give any clue as to what you do? If not you may want to consider a few small tweaks that can only help you in google searches. Let’s revisit the domain name of BOAAAA, at first I thought maybe it was a division of Bank of America (BOA)….

Come to find out BOAAAA is a construction company here in Denver, and they have been around for 40years! If I were going to tweak their domain name I would take the following steps:

  • For the domain BOAAAA I would put a redirect (301) on it to a keyword rich domain name such as Denver Residential Construction, or a variation thereof.
  • By having a redirect on the domain name they would not lose clients who actually know them by their domain name and search for it.
  • I look at their site and i don’t see any mention of social media….come on, let’s dip our toes into the pool ūüėČ Why not get a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page going. It’s a great way to generate more traffic to your site and hopefully send more cash to the bottom line!
  • My personal favorite would also be to add a blog to this website. Remember,¬†every time¬†you write a keyword rich blog post the search engines come to see what you have written.
  • Focus some attention on Google Places. If you do a search for Denver Construction Company you will see the¬†magnificent¬†seven who appear there on the Google map. Being there can significantly increase your business and is well worth the¬†effort.

That’s it for today; a few simple tweaks and the rest of Denver would know what this company does. Questions or comments? Please feel free to comment here or send me an email. Happy Monday, Steve

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