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Is Content Still King?

Neil Patel has an excellent article on your Marketing Budget. Today, every business owner, big and small, have a lot of marketing distractions. They face issues such as how and what social media platforms should be used and of course, what … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Data Scientists

Kim Nash has a really insigtful article concerning American Experss and their efforts to hire data scientists. It’s called Desperately Seeking Data Scientists. I came across an intriguing job ad recently that shows just how important data scientists will be. … Continue reading

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How to Lose Your Google Ranking

If you are a small business owner in the Denver area; you know how Google updates can really help your website or kill you! Here are some interesting points from a small business owner who went from page 1 to … Continue reading

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Do Facebook Ads Work?

A recent poll of Facebook users reports that more than half (57 percent) of Facebook users said the never click on ads or other sponsored content when they use the site. Another 26% said they hardly ever engage in such activity. Only … Continue reading

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Don’t Irritate the Google Gods!

Most people have been tempted to find out just exactly where the line in the sand is according to Google. You want to be on page 1, number 1, but you don’t want to get spanked on the way. Well, … Continue reading

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Importance of a Killer Landing Page

I recently was talking with an attorney here in Denver looking to target specific groups of individuals. For our purposes let’s say he was looking to target folks for class action status on securities fraud. He wanted to target potential … Continue reading

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General Contractors and Social Media

A Starbucks buddy of mine recently attended a seminar here in Denver put on by The Bluebook Building & Construction Network. If you are a small business owner in Denver and specifically a general contractor; you know all about Bluebook and … Continue reading

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Corporations are Giving up on Blogs

Roger Yu had an article in USA Today called Blogs are Slogs, So Companies Just Quit. Here are some high lites of the article: A survey released earlier this year by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth says the percentage; of companies … Continue reading

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Is Your Domain Name Catering to the Yellow Pages

Last week I was driving in my hometown of Denver and noticed a van in front of me. It proudly displayed it’s company name of BOAAAA! That’s all it said, do you have any idea what this company is or … Continue reading

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SEO Specialist

I’m going to be adding SEO opportunities to my blog posts for those of you who might be interested in SEO jobs. Hopefully, it will give you some food for thought and help you in your career endeavors. Her’s the … Continue reading

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