Do Facebook Ads Work?

Filed Under (Advertising) by Steve Mertz on 15-05-2012

A recent poll of Facebook users reports that more than half (57 percent) of Facebook users said the never click on ads or other sponsored content when they use the site. Another 26% said they hardly ever engage in such activity. Only 4% of users said they often click on ads 🙁

If you have been considering using Facebook as part of your advertising program; these figures are pretty sobering! So far, it looks like good organic SEO will continue to deliver the bottom line results for small business owners.

Have you used Facebook as part of your advertising program? What were your results?

Importance of a Killer Landing Page

Filed Under (Advertising, Landing Pages) by Steve Mertz on 26-04-2012

You Need a Killer Landing Page

I recently was talking with an attorney here in Denver looking to target specific groups of individuals. For our purposes let’s say he was looking to target folks for class action status on securities fraud. He wanted to target potential clients with specific ads on Facebook and linkedIn. That is the first piece of the equation and fairly straightforward.  Read the rest of this entry »

Keywords-The New Cost for News Sites

Filed Under (Advertising, Google AdWords) by Steve Mertz on 30-04-2007

Emily Steel of the Wall Street Journal has an interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled Keywords: a Growing Cost for News Sites.  If you are a small business owner engaged in E-Commerce, it might pay for you to learn some of these lessons. Read the rest of this entry »