Corporations are Giving up on Blogs

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Roger Yu had an article in USA Today called Blogs are Slogs, So Companies Just Quit.

Here are some high lites of the article:

  • A survey released earlier this year by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth says the percentage; of companies that maintain blogs fell to 37% in 2011 from 50% in 2010, based on its survey of 500 fast-growing companies listed by Inc. magazine.
  • Blogging requires more investment. You need content regularly. And you need to think about the risk of blogging, accepting comments, liability issues, defamation. says Nora Ganim Barnes, a professor at the university who wrote the report. One benefit of a blog: It’s a tool and content you own. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Consulting

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I had the pleasure of speaking to some fellow bloggers last week here in Denver. We were discussing blogging techniques and how to plan an assault on the first page of a Google search. Whenever I’m consulting or speaking about blogs-I always emphasize the importance of a great blog title. Denver Bloggers

A blog title should ideally be short and contain keywords. This is one of my favorite SEO techniques. Once you have your title write two or three paragraphs to support it. The copy should be informative, unique and filled with keywords where appropriate. Stephan Spencer has a great article on this called Shorten Your Blog Post URLs So You Don’t Look Spammy to Google.

One of my greatest challenges when consulting on blogs is getting people to identify a Google category that they would like to dominate. Once you decide on the category you want to dominate then you know the supporting copy you need in your blog post. When consulting I always warn about being cute with blog titles-my cardinal rule is this: Don’t blog for therapy, blog for profit! Identify the category, use keywords and you will become a resource that others will seek out and hopefully hire!

Make 2008 the year of success for your business blogging efforts!

Steve Mertz
Blogging Consultant and Speaker

SEO Bashing Continues-Is It the Moon?

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SEO MoonSeth Godin was looking for a little more traffic to his blog so what do you do…pick a fight with the SEO crowd! Seth writes:

“Hey. It’s not so hard. If you make great stuff, people will find you. If you are transparent and accurate and doing what’s good for the surfer, people will find you. If you regularly demonstrate knowledge of content that’s worth seeking out, people (being selfish) will come, and people (being generous) will tell other people. It turns out that it’s easier and faster to do that than to spend all your time on the shortcuts.” Read the rest of this entry »

The SEO Primer for Startups!

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All good startups have common characteristics. You need visibility, buzz around your product and a lot of money. Preferably, money from friends and family who don’t want an equity stake in your company-you can pay them back at your leisure…Dream on!

We can help you with two out of three of your basic needs. Let’s start with creating visibility and buzz around your product. Before you spend a ton of money on a web site with flash, that Google will never find, consider going the route of the blog for the following reasons:

1. No one goes to your current web site

2. You have much more time than money

3. I lost that expensive business card you gave me with your contact info.

4. I don’t remember your company name-don’t be too clever with your name. Try to have a name that includes what you do and use keywords in your name.-Unless you are Guy Kawasaki, check that, he recently changed his blog name.

5. Learn the power of using keywords in all your documents and web sites or blogs.

6. You have no customers…while you are worrying about no prospects for immediate cash flow you might as well blog.

7. VC’s are not calling you…You don’t want to give up that much of the company anyway.

8. Search engines will never find all your good keywords and content because you have flash as your very first page!

9. Your marketing director writes fabulous copy-with not one keyword to be found.

10. Your business focus has expanded since you built your web site and you don’t have any money to pay your web designer to update your site.

11. You have new, influential endorsements of your product and don’t know how to update your web site.

12. You discover that your product has international demand but potential clients in Boulder can’t find your site much less those in Hong Kong.

13. While you are waiting for that angel investor to return your phone call you could be writing a post to your blog.

14. Brad Feld has reviewed your Executive Summary you sent him and properly filed it…he’s not going to call you, ditto for David Cohen, so write another post in your blog.

15. The snappy video email you sent to Miss/Mr Big did not make it past the spam filters-You now realize the beauty of your blogs RSS feed! Your information actually goes through and does not use the email system!

16. The “White Paper” that you wrote on your product will not only establish you as an authority, but happens to be loaded with keywords. You don’t know how to upload it to your web site so you are going to send a mass email and hope the spam filters don’t catch it. On the other hand-that same white paper can be a post in your blog and be seen around the world!

17. Your brother is calling and wondering when you are going to be able to pay back that money he leant you-Remember, you had the next Google. Write about this humorous experience in your blog!

18. You are constantly worrying about lack of funding, you can’t sleep at night-Until you do a Google search for your site. After the first 110 pages you are sleeping like a baby……zzzzzz

We can help you with great Search Engine Optimization techniques-Google will find your site! Whether you need a completely new web site design or a great blog optimized for search engines-We can help the search engines find you. We are also very unique in the fact that not only can we help you get in the top of Google searches but we also have world class presentation coaches that can help you hone your sales presentations skills so that when you do present to Sequoia Capital you will have a memorable and persuassive presentation.

Steve Mertz
Startups Have an SEO Friend!

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Launching a Successful Blog

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Neil Patel at Pronet Advertising has some great points to consider in your first 7 days of blogging:

1. Don’t Launch until the blog is properly setup.
2. Pick a topic and stick with it.
3. Be Consistent.
4. Don’t leave your readers stranded.
5. Get to the point.
6. Spice it up.
7. Don’t expect the world.

Guilty-On all charges! I’ve made all of these mistakes…and more. I have been particularly guilty of launching blogs before they were properly setup. My rationale was- who the hell is going to see this besides me and maybe dear old mom? You never know. Imagine my surprise when doing a Google search for “sales presentations training” and my blog came up number 5. I was absolutely stunned and not ready for the traffic and expectations of readers. If you have a blog that places well in a Google search-potential clients will have certain expectations as to content, references, audio and video clips and the sites overall “feel”.

Take it from me and do your homework before launching your blog and go over to Pronet Advertising to read Neil’s excellent article!

Steve Mertz

Blogs and RSS Feeds Favored by B2B Users

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Whenever I talk to a small business owners I preach two things: get a blog and use RSS feeds to make it easy for clients and prospects to do business with you. According to SearchRank Blog a new study by KnowledgeStorm, supports these findings. Their survey was completed by more than 4,500 business and IT professionals around the world. Some key points:


80% claimed to be blog readers, with 51% of those reading blogs at least once a week. 

53% say they read blogs weekly for business information while 57% read them for technology topics.

As for referrals, 70% of respondents recommend or pass along content at least once a month.

More than 53% said that the content they read in blogs affected their work-related purchasing decisions.

32% are seriously considering starting their own blogs.

As for RSS feeds, 59% were ‘somewhat” to “very” familiar with RSS while 31% subscribed to RSS feeds or readers.

79% are accessing RSS feeds on specialized topics while only 36% are accessing blogs via RSS Feeds.


For all of you who are already using blogs and RSS feeds-You are ahead of the curve! 

Steve Mertz

Search Engines Love Blogs!

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SEO Advice-Start With A Blog!

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Boulder, CO, SEO4startups.comReturn Path is a Colorado based company that is currently ranked #167 in the years’s Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Thanks to the heads up provided by Brad Feld who writes the blog, Feld Thoughts. What lessons might you learn from the success of Return Path?

The first one that really jumped out at me is the fact that they use a blog to tell the world about their products and services-not a conventional web site. Obviously, they have a great product with a strong management team to be able to achieve their current success-but go over and check out their excellent blog before you build a web site!

1. They have a very clean and uncluttered layout.

2. You can subscribe to their blog by RSS or email

3. Their posts are succinct and informative

4. They use keywords in their titles and posts

5. They have a Google page rank of 7-that is very strong and clearly shows that they are getting a lot of notice and a worldwide audience is seeing their message.

Clearly, Return Path is doing a great job and is another reason you may wish to explore using a blog to get your message out and more importantly, help generate Cash Flow for your startup!

PS Brad Feld is a Colorado based Venture Capitalist and I am also Colorado based-it’s that Colorado thing going on today! 


Steve Mertz

Great Job Return Path!

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Blogging for Startups

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Am I a startup? For our purposes let’s go with this definition: You are a startup if you have never entered the world of blogging. Even though I had been doing public speaking and seminars since the 1980’s-when it came to blogging as a money making tool, I considered myself a startup.

There can be a step learning curve if you are going to make serious Money from your blog and climb the Google ladder. Case in point: I started my blog Sales Presentations Training in March of 2006. I had no readers, no Google page rank and some fabulous competition. Today, if you do a Google search for “sales presentations training” my blog Sales Presentations Training comes up #1. I’ll give you some specific strategies and techniques that I used to accomplish this. The take away for all of you who may be startups is this: will you come up #1 on Google by blogging or building additional static web pages? For my money-blogging wins hands down.

Let’s look at two of my competitors in sales presentations training. The first one I would direct your attention to is the fabulous Patricia Fripp-Miss Fripp currently occupies the #2 spot on Google. I know Fripp personally; she has coached me and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She is also a world class trainer with lots of real estate in the cyber world. How do I know how much real estate she occupies? This is how I found out. Go to Google and put in . You should see that the results are 110 of about 428 from Simply put, she has over 428 pages of excellent material. See how this gets easier-Am I going to crank out over 400 new pages of excellent copy or am I going to start blogging? Please do yourself a favor if you are a startup and re-read this until you understand this critical point. It will save you a lot of grief and make you a ton of money!

If you are a startup I would urge you to consider using blogging as a tool instead of making more web pages unless you already have a substantial web presence. Why should you care where you come up in a Google search? I would estimate that by being #1 on Google-it will provide me an opportunity to generate $15,000 to $20,000 a month in additional business. The operative word being opportunity-We all have to be able to deliver the goods!

Steve Mertz
Blogging for Cyber Real Estate!

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