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I’ll be categorized as an Internet marketing speaker – not a search engine optimization speaker. This was the gist of a conversation that took place with a Speakers bureau this morning. She told me that most seo speakers either go into Internet marketing or Ecommerce – how could I argue with that? By the way, don’t even think of asking about search engine marketing speaker or blogging speaker – it’s not going to happen – unless Danny Sullivan wanted one of those categories added! Read the rest of this entry »

Great Domain Names Waiting for SEO

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I received an email last night from a professional speaker who has many great domain names parked over at Go Daddy. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that somehow this is going to help you in your efforts to generate more business-so let’s look a little closer at what we recommend to our clients. Google likes to see a domain name that is hosted with content before the “aging” process begins. You are hurting yourself by not getting your domain name hosted and including some information. Read the rest of this entry »

Search Optimization and Web Based Advertising

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Anne Field has a great article in The New York Times today called “The Magic Is in the Tweaking.” She gives very good insights to the trials and tribulations of all small business owners-Entrepreneurs Discover Success Requires a Little Reinvention! Every successful small business owner knows this to be an absolute law! One of the companies she profiles is a Salt Lake City based company called AdvancedMD. Like many business owners their philosophy was build it and they will come…Actually, their philosophy was: “All we have to do is let doctors see our product and they’re going to want to switch.” Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-Tips Booklets

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Paulette Ensign is the owner of the next site we are reviewing today called Tips BookletsThis site has great potential! Credit is owed to those who put forth the effort to build good content and back links, and that effort was rewarded by Google giving it a PR5 on the home page.

This site is already placed on the first page of Google for ‘small business promotion’ and other like terms – and that’s out of over 40 million! Well done Paulette! Read the rest of this entry »

Denver SEO Luncheons for the week of 1/15/07

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SEO DenverWe have two SEO luncheons scheduled this week in Denver, Colorado. The first is Tuesday January 16th, 1PM at Ristorante Piatte, which is located at 190 St. Paul Street in cherry creek North. This is a great central location for our SEO luncheons and they have wireless Internet access to boot!

The second luncheon will be Thursday, January 18th, 1PM at Wellshire Restaurant, 3333 S. Colorado Blvd. The cost is $100 per person and we will meet for approximately an hour and a half.

Depending on what your most pressing needs and questions are-we will tailor the SEO luncheon to address them. Our firm does build search engine friendly web sites and we also do a lot of work on website rebuilds. Clients who have spent a lot of money on a good looking site that Google will never find are not very happy when I tell them they need to have a redo to make their site search engine friendly! So, before you spend any money on building a website come to our luncheon to find out the ten critical questions you want to ask your web site designer. There are many website builders out there but very few also employ Search Engine Optimization techniques to websites.

Call me at 303-619-8972 or send me an email to register for these SEO luncheons.

Steve Mertz
Is Your Website Making You Money?

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The Pricing Algorithm for SEO for Startups

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My pricing algorithm for on site SEO services can make Google’s algorithm look simple. In fact, some clients have accused my SEO pricing of being a little capricious. Some SEO clients don’t want their competitors to know they have engaged a Search Optimization firm and they never talk to their competitors. However, there are some clients who do talk to their competitors and they have the audacity to actually talk price-How much did you pay for your on site SEO services? This is when our firm can get in a little public relations tizzy-so allow me to attempt to clarify the complexity of our pricing algorithm. Following are the states and countries where we have worked and have clients. For pricing purposes let’s assume the on site sessions were effective December 1, 2006:

Hawaii-Including Kona & Maui-$2,500
New Hampshire-$3,500
New Jersey-$3,500
New Mexico-$2,500
New York-$3,500
North Carolina-$2,500
North Dakota-$3,500
Rode Island-$3,500
South Carolina-$2,500
South Dakota-$3,500
Texas-$2,500…Texas in August-$4,000
Washington, DC-$3,500

Just like Google updates its Algorithm, so do we-Around April 1st when the snow is starting to melt (and it quits raining) and the sun comes out again-our algorithm prices adjust accordingly. I hope this serves to clear up any confusion about pricing our SEO services in your area!

Steve Mertz
This Pricing Stuff is Complex 🙂

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