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The complaints keep rolling in about Google’s search links and the fact that their links are above those of non-Google sites in the results page. Search results are definitely skewed these days-sometimes it’s hard to figure out whats going on. For example if you do  a search for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado you see the place page ads for attorneys and under you see the top ten searches for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado. Life is good so far.

However, if you do a search for Denver auto accident lawyers you get dramatically different results. The entire first page is consumed with 7 place page ads-there are four organic searches on page one.  So much for all those SEO efforts!  It’s interesting to note that the search results will vary by the time of the day as well….

Google responds to its critics:

their goal is to provide users “with answers as quickly as possible and presented in a way that’s easy to read and understand.”

Sure…. Google’s new money maker program presents new challenges but in the end if customers aren’t satisfied with Google searches they will go elsewhere-to be continued 🙂

The search engine wars continue!

Search Engines Love Great Titles

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All “A” list bloggers know the importance of a great title for your blog posts-and you should know and practice it with every post! Back on November 7th I wrote a post about my speaker buddy, Brian O’Malley. The title was Team Building Speaker. The post was short and mentioned team building speaker a few different times to support the title of the post. Did the search engines reward the post? Read the rest of this entry »

Great Domain Names Waiting for SEO

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I received an email last night from a professional speaker who has many great domain names parked over at Go Daddy. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that somehow this is going to help you in your efforts to generate more business-so let’s look a little closer at what we recommend to our clients. Google likes to see a domain name that is hosted with content before the “aging” process begins. You are hurting yourself by not getting your domain name hosted and including some information. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-The Customer Focus

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Shep SEO ReviewToday we’re reviewing This is the site of my NSA buddy, Shep Hyken. Shep is an expert in the customer service training area. Like Ruby, he too is a “Rock Star” in this space and should be in the top three of a Google search!

This site is a little different than the prior reviews where navigation and metadata were the main concerns. This site has elements working for and against it, and this article is to cover some possibilities to increase its’ search engine presence. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Review-Ruby Speaks

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Like other website we’ve reviewed this week, is poised to improve in desired search terms – if the site can be opened up. This is the site of my friend Ruby Newell-Legner. Ruby truly is a “rock star” in the customer service arena and we would love to see her in the top three of a Google search for “customer service training”…Here is the path we would recommend! Read the rest of this entry »

How Do I Become #1 in Google-Start with MSN

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I talk to many clients that tell me “Doing a Google search for their site does put them to sleep.” Believe me, I can empathize with all of you who have told me this. Here’s some good news…Start searching for yourself in MSN. If history is any indicator this blog, will first show up in MSN then Yahoo and finally Google.

Sure enough, I did a search in MSN today for “Denver Search Engine Optimization” and this blog is #2. Nothing to brag about but hey, we all need these little victories! I will continue to post frequently, bring you information that you can use and continue to build links. It won’t be too long before we break into the Google search!

Steve Mertz
Don’t be discouraged!

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Denver SEO Events

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Denver SEOSearch Engine Optimization for Startups will be hosting two SEO strategy sessions next week in Denver, Colorado. The first SEO luncheon will be November 21, 2006 at 1PM at The Cool River Restaurant-Located in the Denver Tech Center. The luncheon meeting will be limited to six participants and the cost of the meeting is $100 per person, payable in advance, plus your lunch. The meeting will last for 1 and a half hours.

We will cover the following items:

1. Search Engine Optimization using web site design and blogs.

2. Defining your keywords and keyword density for optimal search results.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Strategies.

The second meeting will be Saturday morning, November 25th, at 9AM at the Ulster street Starbucks. The address is 8000 E. Belleview Avenue, Greenwood Village, Colorado. The meeting will also last for 1 and a half hours and the cost will be $100 per person, paid in advance. This SEO meeting will also be limited to six individuals. We will cover the same topics.

We now have the capabilities for search engine friendly web design in addition to proven search engine optimization strategies. Currently, my blog Sales Presentations Training ranks #1 in Google search. We also have several other clients who rank in the top 5 Google searches for their categories. You will find both sessions to be informative, informal and loaded with SEO strategies that you can incorporate immediately to have your web site or blog rank in the top Google searches. For reservations please call Steve Mertz at 303-619-8972
I have a seperate page of Denver SEO Luncheon Schedules.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization Meetings

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Search Engines Love Splash Pages-Competitors Please Use Them!

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SEO DenverOK-search engines don’t really like splash pages and now the whole world will know thanks to Oatmeal over at SEOmoz Blog! Many of my professional speaker and consulting buddies have been convinced by a web designer that a flash page will really catch a persons attention and help their business-Wrong!

Oatmeal makes very specific comments, including:

1. Search engines will spider the splash page instead of the real content.
2. Search engines won’t be able to spider beyond the splash page.
3. Most users immediately click “skip intro.”
4. Slower connections will have to wait for the page to load.

He goes into more detail and I would urge you to read all of his article: How to Convince a Client They Don’t Need a Splash Page.

Do keep this in mind though-If you are offering SEO services in the Denver, Colorado area-You should completely disregard his advice and keep using those good looking flash pages 😉

Steve Mertz
Give Search Engines A Chance!
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Why Google Will Never Find These Sites

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SEO, Search EnginesI received an email this morning about website designs:

“We have been designing websites for speakers, trainers and consultants that insure the meeting planners a “user friendly” atmosphere to get to know you. Our website design is just $595.00 for up to 25 pages of information.”

Well, I am a speaker and work with a lot of speakers and other small business owners on Search Engine Optimization so I decided to look at some of the sites they touted in the email. I’m going to give you the links to these sites so you can learn why search engines will never find these sites.

The first one is Susan Zimmerman Speaks. The first thing I would point out is the title bar-the first thing that search engine spiders read-it says: Welcome Page. Surely those are not key words for Susan Zimmerman-she speaks on personal and fiscal growth!

The next thing to look at will require you looking at this site with Internet Explorer. Go to “view” and click on it..Then hit “source” and go down to where you see ” title.” While you are here look at “description” and “keywords”-Notice how those are blank? You can do the same thing on this site to see how they should be filled out for maximum SEO.

The next site is Jay Platt Speaks. Not much better results at this site. There are many other things that could be optimized on these sites including: keyword density, adding a categories section-this would allow you to use a ton of keywords. Adding a FAQ’s page-this also allows you to use keywords and answer burning questions.

These just scratch the surface of SEO techniques that could be employed but these sites are farily typical for many small business owners. For the $595.00 dollars they have spent, they have little more than an online business card that will be very hard for search engines to find. I personally would rather see them employ a blog and give themselves a fighting chance at being found by the search engines and ultimately clients that hire them!

Steve Mertz
Give Search Engines a Chance!

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