Google, Yahoo and MSN Agree on One Thing

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The big three have agreed that there will be a standard protocol for submitting web pages to their crawlers via site maps. I’ve been begging Knox to get a site map on this blog so I hope he reads this!

I have no problems putting a Google site map on any of my blogs but there are those who don’t want a Google site map watching there very move. SEO Blackhat once had a post about the effectiveness of a Google site map Vs making your own. I believe they came to the conclusion that building your own was better but I could not find their post-Sorry! Regardless, every SEO person would tell you to have some form of site map-so do something!

The standard protocol was announced at PubCon in Las Vegas and just read the love between these three:

¬†Official Yahoo Blog: “By offering an open standard for web sites, webmasters can use a single format to create a catalog of their site URLs and to notify changes to the major search engines. This should make is easier for web sites to provide search engines with content and metadata.”

Official MSN Blog:¬† “So, why are we excited to work on this? Because by agreeing on a standard, we can provide site owners with one simple way to share information with every search engine. You just publish a sitemap, and every engine is instantly able to read and use the data to more effectively index your site. Since this is a free, widely supported protocol, our hope is that this will foster an even broader community of developers building support for it.”

Official Google Blog: “If any website owners, tool writers, or webserver developers haven’t gotten around to implementing Sitemaps yet, thinking this was just a crazy Google experiment, we hope this joint announcement shows that the industry is heading in this direction.”

The only thing sweeter than this is for everyone who bought Google at $220 a share and watched it cross $500 large today!

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Steve Mertz
Sitemap Love!

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How Do I Become #1 in Google-Start with MSN

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I talk to many clients that tell me “Doing a Google search for their site does put them to sleep.” Believe me, I can empathize with all of you who have told me this. Here’s some good news…Start searching for yourself in MSN. If history is any indicator this blog, will first show up in MSN then Yahoo and finally Google.

Sure enough, I did a search in MSN today for “Denver Search Engine Optimization” and this blog is #2. Nothing to brag about but hey, we all need these little victories! I will continue to post frequently, bring you information that you can use and continue to build links. It won’t be too long before we break into the Google search!

Steve Mertz
Don’t be discouraged!

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